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Written by Tobias on May 30, 2006
Naw, not really ;P It happens rarely, but they do try to involve the internet and ocmputers more and more in school, much to the dismay of most teachers, who have to take attendance with the computer now which is kind of weird (most don't do it anyway and just take everything down on paper, transferring it to the computer once a week). Oh, yush, I did get it finished - on Sunday ;3 I meant to do it on Saturday, but things got too late, and since I knew it wasn't too much work, I did it Sunday, but of course I procrastinated it too much again <.<

Heh, I'm all for them doing it - I mean, if some people work hard for their grades and others just copy something really quick and without effort, why should they get the same good grade, you know?

(Oh, that makes sense ^^ I'm usually just like "oh, mine's just a big mess" when they ask me and rush off, but most of my friends do the assignments just fine, so they'd never ask me for that anyway. Plus, I don't think being a friend means that you have to let them copy your work, no? ;P )

Weeell, if you overdo it with the arrows they do get confusing, but if you just use a few to get your point across, they help quite a bit and give you a mental picture about it too, which you might remember during the exam ;3 Covering up the notes never seemed to help a whole lot, since sometimes you just look ahead and go like "oh yeah, I'd have known that" - so usually what we do in the morning or before class is checking ourselves, either by asking us questions or just .. talking about whatever we're supposed to learn ;3

Heh, you know, the photos you find here and there usually show the best parts of the city ;3 It is pretty in a way, but in other way it's just big with loads of cars, weird people and places you'd better not go. I'm much more for little villages a bit more outside of towns, LA is actually too big for me already, but you don't really notice its size, because there's so much green everywhere and everything's aaall spaced out ^^
May 30, 2006 
That's the way my teachers have to take attendance now: with computers. They just stand behind it mark us if we're here. Previously when the classrooms had no computers, the teachers would all mark attendance on a graph-paper-type sheet, but now the school has been installing computers everywhere. That's how the also input our grades, although they still mark homework completion with paper.

That's exactly what I was thinking, except some people fail to realize the work you went through to finish paper.

(Hmm, I've tried the "My paper's a mess thing" too, but they can tell I'm lying because I've never done "mess-like" work. They would say "No it's not. I know you're done with it. Come on, pleeeease!" And argh, it's annoying when they refuse to leave you alone until you show them your work. >_>; I'm a horrible liar.)

Hmm, okay, I'll trust you on that, but you still get the snow! =D You lucky seal, you. It's almost summer though. Do you still have snow? I'm not sure how well seals can handle the hot sun. Better bring the ice! :3
May 31, 2006 
Oh, the snow is long gone by now, and we've already had a couple of very warm days too, where you could ride around with your bike in your t-shirts ^-^ Right now it has been raining on and off for the past four days though, so I'm kiiind of hoping for the sun to come out tomorrow, buuut we'll see ^-^

(Oh, Tobias can cope being in sun juust fine, though he'd probably love swimming around in the river and the lake mostly :3 )

Aww, but at least it shows your friends have aaaaall the confidence they need in you ^-^ Now if only you let them copy your work! X3 I'm usually in class only shortly before the classes start, so noone would really get much of a chance to copy my work anyway ;P

I still find the computers a little odd, because every classroom has one now, though they're really slow, taking many minutes to boot and don't work half of the time anyway, so I can kind of understand that the teachers prefer just making that tick on their paper like they did before, especially because a class is usually only fifty minutes anyway, you know? :3

Jun 26, 2006 
Ack, it has recently been very hot these days over here in the Pacific. X_x; It probably wouldn't be surprising to wake a bit...sweaty. I currently have a couple of fans set up around here, and it's still pretty warm, even if you wear light clothing.

It hasn't rained here for a while either. We don't really get rain that often. Sometime in the year we might get a week or two of rainy days, but those are rare. Luckily, we still have some cool temperatures during fall and winter, and overcast has always been a good day to appreciate. ^^ I love those fresh clouds. :D It feels so good to breath that type of air!

I would probably not hesitate to let people copy my work if they actually want to learn from it. ;P But sometimes I do get a bit nice and let them copy it without caring. But that's not too often. ;P And yeah, pretty much the entire class knows how good I do. There is another classmate I know who gets grades similar to mine; and thus we are having a little friendly competition for next year's valedictorian title. >:] I need to continue doing my best next year! (My school determines the valedictorian by averaging the GPAs that we've gotten during 9th-12th grade.)

And seeing as how I've gotten all A's during my previous years, it's pretty likely that I have a chance. (Actually, there is one exception. I got a B+ in computer class during 9th grade if I recall correctly. Remember how I told you about editing images in Paint? I accidently did it incorrectly by actually removing the roof of a house, when I thought I was adding parts of the roof! O_o; Because of that, that got me a low score, a B-plus. (You commented by calling it a test of whether one knows how to copy and paste.) Very disappointing, because that broke my straight-A winning streak (my GPA for the quarter was like 3.99, the max being 4.0). ;_; Thankfully, that never happened again and I continued to get all A's. So assuming I get all A's next year, my average for all four high school years would be like 3.999, and the class of 2006's valedictorian had an average GPA of 3.8 I think.)

Whoa, I got a bit carried away there, didn't I? ^^;

My school's computers aren't that great either, evn though they recently bought a new set of hardware and LCD's. Their old ones were pretty old. They were Windows 98 and I had to deal with all the slowness of opening programs. (One of them was an incredibly old computer, about 10 years old. And it had a suuper horrible monitor with a 640x480 resolution. Browsing stuff on it was basically a pain.) o.o

Yup, each class is about 50 minutes long, but it used to be even longer a few years ago. They used to have half of the classes one day, and the other half the next day. And it kept alternating. This meant that each class went as long as 90 minutes! And 90 minutes of boring and undecipherable (at least for me anyway ;P ) literature poems = big torture! ;_;

Don't forget to bring that green volleyball of yours when going for a swim! :3
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