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Written by Heather Franzen on Jun 14, 2006
It's been pretty complicated lately, but overall I think life is good. :D I remember you commenting on a lot of my pictures.. That was so long ago! Hehe.
I always get excited when I see that you posted a new picture on Deviantart because everything you do makes me smile. :)

I am drawing you something right now, too. As you probably already read on DA. >:D
Jun 15, 2006 
Aww, complicated? How come? ;_; It's good to know you're doing well overall though (and yup, I remember the same of you, hehe X3 And that I found the name cute back then as well, for some reason it made me think of soome kind of cute little critter, but that might also be because of that chao in your avatar ;3 )

Aww, thanks ^^ But you really don't have to, I meant to give it to you as a gift, not expecting anything in return, you know? ^-^
Heather Franzen
Jun 20, 2006 
We moved from a huge city to a faraway state, in a town that is barely big enough to even be called a town.
Everything since the move basically fell downhill, with the difficulty of making friends and the way certain people were treating me.
All I say is a few more years, and I'd be out of here for good.

Long story made short. :3

(Sorry for the delayed response. ^.^;;)
Jun 21, 2006 
Aww, sorry about that ;_; Usually people tend to me nicer in smaller towns than in huge ones, I myself live in just a little village in the countryside ^^ And I know it's hard to make new friends after you've moved, especially if you had a lot of good friends before (why did you move in first place, by the way? ^^; ), but I'm sure you'll make plenty of new friends again, being the nice person you are ^-^
Aaanyway, I hope those certain people will treat you better soon (if only to make the remaining few days easier ;3 I totally know what you mean though, for me it's juuust a few more years too, and then I'll be off to a different place ^-^), and nooo worries about the delayed response, it's aaall fine ^-^ (besides, I'm having exams this week and the next one anyway, so time seems to pass a lot faster for me ;3 )

Take care <3
Heather Franzen
Jul 20, 2006 
I've talked to different people from other smaller towns, but they all seem so much easier to get along with than the people in the town I live in... I think it's just this particular place. :]
My dad was in the military, and he enjoys living in small towns so when he retired we moved here.

Oh, and sorry for MY slow response! I was at my aunt and uncle's house for the past 3 weeks. ^^;
Jul 21, 2006 
Maybe ;P But with a bit of luck, all it takes is a little time to get used to this town and to make new friends, and then it'll be much better ^-^ Really, with a couple of friends to hang around with, I can imagine it'd be a lot more fun, sooo who knows who you'll get to know :3

Aww, no worries about taking your time, I don't mind that at all ^^ Were you visiting them for vacation? How have you been? ^-^
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