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Written by Tobias on Jul 12, 2006
Oooh yes, that would work ^-^ Pure cotton toothpaste, to give those Chinese silk teeth back their shiny-ness ;3 And their bed would be made of extra-soft cuddly fabric ^-^

Hehe, it could do that ^-^ Oooor what about you? You could patch it up ^-^
Jul 14, 2006 
Maybe they would even have plushie pets and all. And spaghetti would be made from wool and all, though I have no idea what the sauce would be like. :B

I could, but I wouldn't be that good. The plushie would probably turn into a pillow by the time I was done with him. xD
Jul 18, 2006 
Hehe, plushie-plushies? They'd be extra soft and precious, and being even plushier than the plushies ^-^ The sauce could be coloured stuffing, you know, the kind of stuffing they put into teddy bears and pillows ^-^

Aww ;P Buuut at least you could stitch him a pillow, right? ;3
Aug 4, 2006 
Plushie-plushies would have to be made by magic, since nothing made by needle can be softer than a plushie. Aye, 'twould be expensive. That would be funny with the sauce though, if you got the wrong colour, or it got stuck in your throught. :B

I could make a lopsided pillow. xD
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