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Written by Tobias on Jul 14, 2006
I doooon't know yet ;P I'm still waiting for the grades :3 What about you, did you already get your grades? How did you do?

(Aww, lucky you ^-^ Rain and thunderstorms are really relaxing, oddly enough - I can sleep a lot better if it's raining outside, as long as the thunder's aaaall far away, in the distance ^-^ )

Jul 15, 2006 
All A+, and excellent effort. :B

Aye, aye, the same happens to me, too! I also think lighting more intriguing than other people, and love it if the electricity goes out and it's pitch black. O:
Jul 16, 2006 
Aww, congratulations ^-^ Your school gives out A+'s? Mine only gave us A's :3 What classes did you take, by the way?

Oooh yes, that's really intruiging, when everything's black and then you can play board games in candle light ^-^
Aug 4, 2006 
Danke; and aye, we do get A+'s because they're counted by percents and all. What grades did you get?

Oh, and I took Pre-Algebra, Advanced Enlish, History, Seminar, Consumer Science, Gym, Flute, and other things which I can not remember. Mind you, I didn't get to choose the classes, like in highschool, so I didn't get Art. D:

I remember a black out that happened I was little. The book, Alice in Wonderland, seemed a lot more intruiging in candlelight. :P
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