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Written by Tobias on Oct 7, 2006
Aww ^-^ For me it'd be a little harder .. I do keep letters and stuff in a biiig box (which I'd need to be able to lift and stuff O.O ), plus I'd also have to get the clay figures from the shelves, and and and ^^;
Let's just hope we never have to do that, right? :3
Oct 7, 2006 
Oh, yes. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But that's is a lot of ands. If something like that did happen, you should be able to tell and have a big head start on packing.
Oct 8, 2006 
Yup, that's true as well ;P Though I'd have more to save than I could possibly carry ;_; Not that we're having any heat season anyway - it has cooled down a lot here, in the past days ;P
Oct 9, 2006 
That's where boxes and forklifts come in handy XD. At least it's cooling down there. It kinda is here, but not that much...
Oct 12, 2006 
Buuuut I dooon't think you have forklifts at home, do you? And when you really need to get out of the house real quick, folklifts don't help too much X3 Buuut yush, I do keep letters and drawings in a nice pretty box, juuust for other things like clay figures or such, it'd be a pity if there were in that box where no one could see them, you know?
Aww ;P Here I've been using a headcover already in the past days, eeeven though today it was nice and sunny again - though not really warm at all ;_; They said it's 63°F right now, though it feels like 50°F when you're going by bike ;P
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