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Written by Illusen on Oct 9, 2006
That's where boxes and forklifts come in handy XD. At least it's cooling down there. It kinda is here, but not that much...
Oct 12, 2006 
Buuuut I dooon't think you have forklifts at home, do you? And when you really need to get out of the house real quick, folklifts don't help too much X3 Buuut yush, I do keep letters and drawings in a nice pretty box, juuust for other things like clay figures or such, it'd be a pity if there were in that box where no one could see them, you know?
Aww ;P Here I've been using a headcover already in the past days, eeeven though today it was nice and sunny again - though not really warm at all ;_; They said it's 63°F right now, though it feels like 50°F when you're going by bike ;P
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