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Written by Phiyrr on Oct 24, 2006
Aye, it said there was no connection, but my DSL was running smoothly and all. Maybe it's because I had other pages up and running? {I know. I'm tempted to bring it with me back to Poland. <3}

{Danke; I'm glad you like it. ^-^ Heheh. I'll be sure to make it allll prettiful once I finish a different website due in Media class. And you'll be one of the first link there. :3}
Oct 28, 2006 
Very strange <.< I'll definitely have a look into that ^^ (and naw, I actually think my hoster's to blame, buut we'll see ^^ )

{Oooh, that's an honour ^-^ We could translate it to Polish, even! <3 }

{Awr, thank you so much <3 How is your website in media class coming along? I'm definitely looking forward to seeing your website, you're sure off to a good start *gives thumb-up sign* ^-^ }
Nov 23, 2006 
Huzzah! It works now! -playsplaysplaysgame-

{But German should be the first language we translate it to. Sprehendze Deutsch?} {Did I spell it right?}

I'm finally done with it, but they didn't allow us to upload the we websites into the internet, because they ran out of bandwith for everybody. Bummer. D:
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