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Written by kitsunemagic1 on Oct 28, 2006
Ha ha, very funny =3

The tab's great, it's just that I can't see what I'm drawing on the tablet, and it's making me mad...oh well, I guess.
Oct 28, 2006 
Yush, that's the one thing that takes a little while to get used to, but you'll see, it doesn't take too long ;P Basically, you look on the screen and just draw as you're looking on the screen, you know what I mean? No need to look at the tablet, I never do ;P I could be drawing on the desk and not noticing X3

(Though I find it easier to sketch on paper - that's why I usually scan my sketches first and then colour them on the computer ^-^ )
Oct 29, 2006 
That's what I got my tablet for anyway ;p I just got it so my inked line-art doesn't look so weird on the computer ^^

So, what do you say? this coming Thursday, I'll get on after school (4:00), and I'll wait for you, kk?
Oct 31, 2006 
Yup, same here - I use my tablet for colouring my pencil drawings, aaaand it's just perfect for that (and much more fun too, than with a mouse - I don't even *want* to draw with a mouse anymore).

Thursday 4pm your time is perfect for me, I'm looking forward to that ^-^ *marks Thursday in his calendar with a biiig marker*
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