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Posted by Bungie95 from United States
Hey there, Tobias. ^^; I thought I'd drop off a greeting here and give a quick hello. I hope the year has been going on by smoothly for you during your studies these past few months. Any holiday breaks will certainly allow for some well-deserved breaks; so do give it your all!

Wishing you the best, =^^=
Nov 9, 2007 
Hiya ^-^ Yeah, the year has been going smoothly so far, just quite busy in the past months. Studies here are quite demanding, and I never really run out of things to do ^^; Yeah, holidays are definitely needed - I'll have a bit of traveling to do still, but then I'll be free X3 Hope things are going well for you too ^^

Take care,
Nov 21, 2007 
Likewise. My university experience has been a lot tougher than high school, which was what I was looking for, since I found my previous coursework to be quite boring. <.< I looove challenges! Thankfully I have a small break coming up this Thursday in celebration of Thanksgiving, which I'll probably spend sketching as usual. =P One more month to go, and it's back home when the semester ends!

What about you? Any travels plans once your break comes up? Or will you spend it in nice Australia?
Dec 2, 2007 
Yeah, it's not good if it's boring ;P It's quite exciting for me too, there's plenty of new stuff and tons of opportunities to delve deeper into whatever we're doing - so I'm definitely running out of stuff do to ^^ It's rewarding too, I've received my grades the other day, and .. yeah, can't complain ^^ It was stressy, it was work, but it paid off.

I went back to Austria for the Christmas holidays (for me it's technically summer holidays, but yeah X3 Same difference) - life quality is higher here in Europe, sooo .. yeah ^^ I'm going back to Australia though, I have summer school and another semester to do, so it's not quite over yet ;P
Dec 10, 2007 
Ahh, sorry for the late reply! Homework's been taking up most of my time right now, and with finals approaching, it's a bit hard to find time to do other things. ^^; I got plenty of stuff to take care of this weekend; it's been like that for the last few weeks; so you can definitely tell why I've been looking forward to the upcoming break. It's still enjoyable, though. The work is just time-consuming; that's all. ;) I'll probably post some of the stuff I've done whenever I have the chance.

How are you enjoying your classes? Learning a lot from your teachers? The ones I've had so far were all pretty unique. Each had different things to teach me that I found pretty amazing, and I honestly love how the critique and give feedback on what I've been doing.

I'll be flying back home as well once the whole thing's done. It'll only be like a 1.5 hour flight, which is surely nothing compared to the long distance you had to go through. X_x; Have you gotten used to those long flights yet? X3 Well, I do hope you enjoy whatever time you get off, even if it is a bit short. Time has been going by very very fast for me lately; it's pretty weird. I mean, it feels like I just started the semester earlier in September, and now it's almost Christmas! Wow! (Well, actually... it still feels like I started 7th grade in September of 2001. Gym and English classes are still fresh in my mind. It's mind-bloggling. ;P )

A long time ago, I remember you saying something about how Australia has friendlier folks. :P How was it compared to Austria? Life quality and such.
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