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Written by Pwnaged on Sep 22, 2010
Yes, I noticed a few jumps and freezes, but ive come to expect those in ALL mmos, so don't fluster too much about it

Yeah, might need to edit it a bit

I played the mini-game, Beat it solo of course. It was exactly the type of thing i suggested, and you did it extremely well. I can see this bringing a few lower level players together to do it, because i doubt that once this game gets a few more players, and that it gets bigger size wise, People are going to skip some of the beginner quests because they might not find it necessary to do lower level quests, and this one is one that wont be skipped over just because of how fun it is
Sep 22, 2010 
True, but still - especially now when there is a choice of servers in different places, I want to keep them as low as possible. I'm going to stick with the TX server for now, especially since you said it's better than the European one, and just see how everyone's connection to it is. ;3

Congratulations - and on your first attempt too, I see! Was it too easy? It doesn't even seem like you broke any sweat beating the quest. ;P Should they get reinforcements if someone's literally wiping the floor with them? Oor would you simply up their HP?

(I made Trash slightly weaker, by the way, since you mentioned it was too strong when you were still using it. It does about half of its original damage now, but it's still the hardest hitting skill.)

Thanks for giving this a go, by the way - it helps a lot seeing how difficult those quests are for others. ^^
v0.7: New Beginnings (FA)
Sep 22, 2010 
Honestly, the Quest was Easy for me, but you gotta count in the factors that made me wipe them on the ground
1. I was prepared for a big group of people coming, because you told me that is what will happen, The regular player wouldn't expect to be ambushed by that many people, and if my experience in other mmos has taught me one thing, its not the number of enemies, its how prepared you are before you fight them.
2. I'm Extremely talented when it comes to any kind of game.
3. I'm Probably a higher level than the average person who's gonna be doing that quest

So yeah, It was easy for me, although i had 3 huge advantages.

If you want, you can implement a Bonus round, once you reach the bonus round, its impossible to fail the mission once you reach it, and the more you kill, the better the reward. Or, You can implement a Level balancing system. Maybe make them 1-3 levels lower than the quest starter (Most likely 2) and balance the Person your escorting also, because then he might get killed to easily and make the game impossible for lv 20-ishes, but its impossible for a lv 20 to exist ATM so...yeah.

Also, If you Lower the Damage of something, i also recommend you lower the cost. Because now Trash isn't worth the 75 fury it drains. I Suggest lowering the cost to 50 or 60.
v0.7: New Beginnings (FA)
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