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Written by Mewtwoki on Oct 2, 2010
The quest that I liked the most was the Forest Gnat nest, it was the first boss type character you encountered, I did fail a few times due to a bunch of the Gnat Lookouts calling the red gnats.

The only trouble I had with it was I couldn't enter the portal that appeared in the nest after I destroyed the eggs, i tried to access it from a few different angles but it didn't work.

None were too difficult in fact some could have been more difficult, namely the quest where you lead the lost Baby Bluebell out of the forest, nothing really attacked and if it did it attacked you not the Bluebell, so their wasn't much difficulty involved.

And sweet, I'm already lvl 10 and am ready to tackle any new challenge you give me, like I said before I really enjoyed the game.

The quest that provided the most challenge was the second and third times I fought off the Bear Bandits I thought they were funny because they were smiling and happy looking, I felt like I was fighting Care Bears, however in their sheer numbers even at lvl 10 they proved troublesome.

By the way is there anyway I can add a password to it now, because I don't think I want just anyone to be able to access it.
Oct 3, 2010 
Haha, yeah, the Lookouts will do that. ;P They shouldn't be involved in the actual boss fight though, right?

Oooh yes, I think I know what you mean - the portal down there doesn't automatically warp you - you need press Space or Up when you're standing on it. When it still warped you automatically, players had troubles getting to the loot that Zandra dropped after they went for the eggs - they'd jump up on the left side, and automatically get warped out by the portal. ;P I'll mention that in the manual - thanks. ^^

Yup, you're right - I'll look into that. Since you're walking ahead of your Baby Bluebell, they always see you first and go after you. Either I'll make them to specifically look for any Baby Bluebells following you, or there might be an ambush somewhere in between. ^^

Will do - I'll try to add as much as I can today, but it will probably take me until Monday or Tuesday to finish and unlock the new zones. I'll let you know, if you want! ^-^

Hehe, I realized they look kinda weird being all happy and everything, but I have to find the source Flash file to change the graphic, so I've been putting it off. Then again, assaulting you might be fun for them, so maybe that's why they're smiling. X3

You can set a password by logging in, clicking on "Switch Character" and then going to change password. It's pretty awkward, I know - I'll change it for the next test. ^^

Thanks for your feedback!
v0.7: New Beginnings (devArt)
Oct 3, 2010 
Your welcome for the feedback, but hey you said in the quest where the Baby Bluebell follows you to maybe have things ambush you in the middle or attack things that follow you, well with the one you can call with the whistle, I don't know if it can die but I don't think that people would be happy if their pet died.

Your right maybe the "Care Bears" do enjoy attacking you, and I can't wait to meet their boss.

Sure I'd like you to send me a note on DA when you get the other zones open, I've also been fighting Gnat nest a lot and I can't seem to be able to obtain the hat, I keep getting wings and stingers, maybe it's because I'm not using the newer beta version?
v0.7: New Beginnings (devArt)
Dec 6, 2010 
Somehow I missed your reply - sorry about that!! ^^;

Anyhow - nope, the pet that you got was a non-combat pet, so it couldn't get knocked out even if you tried. Even though, I changed that in the last two weeks: Now your pet actually helps you in battles, and hence can be attacked and get KO'ed - but you also get a skill to revive it in case that happens. ;3

Naw, she should drop her hat. I've seen it before - it's just much rarer (10% chance) than her other drops (45%). Then again, it looks pretty good on most characters, and has decent stats, so it's worth it. >3
v0.7: New Beginnings (devArt)
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