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Written by Mewtwoki on Oct 3, 2010
Your welcome for the feedback, but hey you said in the quest where the Baby Bluebell follows you to maybe have things ambush you in the middle or attack things that follow you, well with the one you can call with the whistle, I don't know if it can die but I don't think that people would be happy if their pet died.

Your right maybe the "Care Bears" do enjoy attacking you, and I can't wait to meet their boss.

Sure I'd like you to send me a note on DA when you get the other zones open, I've also been fighting Gnat nest a lot and I can't seem to be able to obtain the hat, I keep getting wings and stingers, maybe it's because I'm not using the newer beta version?
Dec 6, 2010 
Somehow I missed your reply - sorry about that!! ^^;

Anyhow - nope, the pet that you got was a non-combat pet, so it couldn't get knocked out even if you tried. Even though, I changed that in the last two weeks: Now your pet actually helps you in battles, and hence can be attacked and get KO'ed - but you also get a skill to revive it in case that happens. ;3

Naw, she should drop her hat. I've seen it before - it's just much rarer (10% chance) than her other drops (45%). Then again, it looks pretty good on most characters, and has decent stats, so it's worth it. >3
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