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Written by Leopardfang on Dec 8, 2010
Oh! I tried to fight the bear that says "Fresh Food!" alone (because I don't see anyone online D: I'm in the U.S. server) and I, well...died. Anyway, I forgot to add the idea for a 'go to' command on my last suggestion. If your friend says you can, then you'll be teleported to them. :3
Dec 8, 2010 
Yeeeah .. the monsters there are designed to pose a challenge even for two players, so making your stand alone .. is a pretty daring adventure. X3

(and yup, I know - when I posted this game, it only had the part before the village. Most played through that, and are now waiting for those new levels and bosses you are seeing already. I still need to do a few final tests and tweaks on them (as you can see! X3) before I release the game into the next round and have everyone test it. That's when you'd see more players online, too!)

Those are all good ideas. I need to sort out and consider a few things to make it work - but you'll be the first to try it out!
Dec 8, 2010 
^w^ Thanks!
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