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Written by Tobias on Dec 31, 2010
The easiest way is just putting them on one of the art websites, like devArt. They're free, just make sure you click "No" if they ask if you want a subscription or not. :3
devArt is probably the biggest one I know - it has a lot of other artists on it, and it can seem intimidating, but if you ever get stuck, you can always just drop me a note! ^-^

Happy New Year!
Jan 1, 2011 
yeah...i know about DevArt.:3 i was thinking about making an account... but i don't know how to upload drawing on the internet.
Jan 1, 2011 
Hmm .. do you have a scanner, or a digital camera, maybe? A scanner would be better, but even with just a digital camera you can still take photos of your drawings and then upload them to devArt. :3

(Oh, and happy New Year! It's officially 2011 here by now. ^-^)
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