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Written by Josie on Mar 22, 2004
Aww, its not a stupid mistake! I do stuff the wrong way round all the time. n_n*
The rubbers on the end of my pencils have all been worn down to nubs too...<=]

I've never used your comment system you have here before...I was always too scared to, incase I said something stupid, or if I was the only one to comment, I'd feel all embarrassed (and people might think I was a stalker of some sort...n_n*) <=]

Hehe, it is so much nicer here, with all the icy blue and white...alot nicer than grungy green, at any cost. ;] I also think your site has a quiet, warm and serene kinda feel to I feel happy posting any conversations that we are more than likely to encounter when commenting with each other. *giggles* =] Its just...with DA, I always feel like I'm being watched, you know? I mean, there are thousands apon thousands of members there; its easy to become just a little bit paranoid, right? <=] *coughcough* There I go again, using your comment board as a chat forum...*smacks hand* I really gotta stop rambling so much. ¬_¬*

Anyways, yeah, I come by here occasionally to see if the little brown seal has made any more updates or such, and I like musing through your gallery once in a while, your art always makes me look on the bright side, seeing as your work mostly IS bright and happy stuff! n_n In fact, this picture very much reminds me of a cafe bar I went to in France, it was really nice and sunny, perhaps a little more sunnier than the pic, (It was a cloudless day...*sigh* So warm and refreshing! n__n) but it had the exact same glass barriers, steps and floor you drew...'cept, the floor was a bit more marble-y...but shiny nonetheless! *giggles* <=] Eee...rambling again...*George throws an apple at her* *clunk!* @_-*

And in conclusion, erm...a very wonderful picture! =]
Mar 22, 2004 
pff, don't worry, everyone says stupid things every once in a while *giggles* plus, you can't really do much wrong here .. if you break something, I'd be thankful (because it means I did something wrong and can make it better), and I doubt people would think you're a stalker either .. errr .. I mean, it's just a website, right?

Actually I like the grey-green on deviantArt .. it doesn't take attention away from the pictures we draw. I guess you're watched everywhere on the internet, as long as you don't send notes or private messages .. but the thing here is, that if we really goof up on a conversation (or you post something and regret it a moment later), I can always hide or change it, on deviantArt, this comment would stay forever and everyone to see.

It all has their advantages and disadvantages, you know *giggles*

whoa, that must have been a really expensive cafe bar then .. that's what I at least imagined it like, when drawing the picture .. you know, with glass floor, and loads of plants and flowers around .. *sigh* you know, that must have a beautiful place to stay, even if the floor was a bit more marble-y =)

oooh .. and in conclusion, glad you liked the drawing *hugs*
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