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Written by Tobias on Mar 24, 2004
who knows? he could as well be a relative to that loch ness dragon, perhaps nessy was in fact eating roasted marshmallows all day long =)

that's like you do with tables, right? a table here, a table there .. until it looks really good =P really, what other tools would you need? I could only think of the fill bucket, but if you set your brush size to 50 you have pretty much the same effect (and you can always erase the colour later) =) and nope, your colouring is very vivid and nice looking to me, no worries .. the copyright .. well, I just put it next to the title, below the picture, that's pretty much it .. of course I wouldn't do it for doodles, but on pictures with background and such I think it doesn't look bad having a title and the copyright there XD

eeek .. I have to do my maths homework too, despite of what I've written in the journal .. I'm not spared of these horrors either -.-;;

hehe, but I did tell you I was making pudding right now, ne? still needs to cool off though, at the moment it's still kind of hot =)
Mar 25, 2004 
Gyee! I love Nessie. n_n Its a pity I never remember going to Loch Ness...aparantly our house was only 30 miles away from it! n_n* Hehe...I believe in Nessie. I wonder if little Tobias would be able to find her in that big ol' lake? =3

Lol! Yes, indeed...table here, table there...heck, lets make it all out of tables! *clicky keyboard sounds as she types code* Bwahaha! =B Hehe, aww, but rubbing out the colour afterwards is such a chore...*sighs* Ah well, guess I can spare a few minutes doing so...*rolls eyes* X3
*tries to think of a way of having her copyright clear and without using Tobias' method* Hmm....mmm...I shall have to think of that one for a while. n_n

*gazes at her schoolbooks on the floor* Oh, NOW you tell me it doesn't work...X3

You actually make pudding too?! *swoons* Alright, me and George are living with you from now on. XD *sets up a little camp outside Tobias' house* Now all you need to do is put the pudding on the doorstep, and nobody will get hurt...=9 *giggles* I'm not saying I'll hurt you, but George...well, hes a ravenous little beastie. Food + George = Look for cover! <=]
Mar 25, 2004 
*giggles* eeeh, yes, he'd probably find her, if she's there, darting out of the water and stuttering something along the lines that he found a h-huge mo-monster-fish ^.^ of course, if he's diving deep enough and sees an anglerfish, he'd probably do the same (I know, they're saltwater fish) ^.^

hehe, if you like you can use my way of doing it just as well, I wouldn't mind at all, you know .. you could also try my previous method .. namely putting the copyright in the corner and making it almost completely transparent .. whatever you like more =3

*gazes at her schoolbooks as well* well, dunno, who knows? maybe it does work, but I doubt it, somehow ^.^;

I make puddings for my sisters and me, in the evening, sometimes it's my turn, sometimes it's theirs, does it matter? yay for pudding ^.^

ooh .. *prods* how is your icon going, by the way? all finished? or not started yet? X3
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