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Written by Josie on Apr 5, 2004
*nodnod* Ahh...yesterday...*giggles* =]

...I really do talk way to much. Not to mention drag posts longer than I should...aiie...n___n*
Mini guestbook? Hehe, sounds cool! n_n I was thinking of commenting in your guestbook the other day, but...that would've just started another long conversation, probably along the lines of apples, or candle wax, or something really bizarre and we do. X3
Apr 6, 2004 
naw, you don't talk to much, no worries, and I the long threads here don't bother me either, in fact, it's very nice to hear from you, you know?
I just think that the shoutbox would make the guestbook kind of obsolete, which I don't really want either .. meh, so many choices, I guess I'll just have to try and see what happens, ne? X3

meeeh, thunderstorm now .. with lightenings .. freaky O.x
Apr 8, 2004 
Yeah...talking is fun. X3 Well, for some, that is...funny really, I hardly talk at all outside the compy. <=]

Good point...hmm, well, I'm sure whatever you decide shall be the right choice, ne? Theres no wrong or right, if you think about it. n_n

Thunderstorm? Nyuaaa! ^o^ We hardly ever get thundestorms here...lightning is one of the prettiest natural things I have ever seen! n__n I wish we had lightning here. <=]
Apr 9, 2004 
hehe, no, I guess it all has advantages and disadvantages =)

it isn't too often that we see thunderstorms here either .. well, at least nothing you could set your clock after - it rains quite a bit, but thunderstorms? seldom - at least in winter =)

Meh, I talk outside when being talked to or when hanging around with friends, mostly joking or telling us stories X3 just the usual goofing around, you know =3
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