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Written by Josie on Apr 8, 2004
Yeah...talking is fun. X3 Well, for some, that is...funny really, I hardly talk at all outside the compy. <=]

Good point...hmm, well, I'm sure whatever you decide shall be the right choice, ne? Theres no wrong or right, if you think about it. n_n

Thunderstorm? Nyuaaa! ^o^ We hardly ever get thundestorms here...lightning is one of the prettiest natural things I have ever seen! n__n I wish we had lightning here. <=]
Apr 9, 2004 
hehe, no, I guess it all has advantages and disadvantages =)

it isn't too often that we see thunderstorms here either .. well, at least nothing you could set your clock after - it rains quite a bit, but thunderstorms? seldom - at least in winter =)

Meh, I talk outside when being talked to or when hanging around with friends, mostly joking or telling us stories X3 just the usual goofing around, you know =3
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