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Written by Tobias on Jun 1, 2004
aww .. but you can save it in your personal favourite-folder on your computer? I do that with a lot of pictures ^.^

and no, you aren't dum .. but I thought it might look confusing with that 'more replies' and then clicking on reply or such .. you never know ^^; for me it's clear, because I put it there, but for other people?
Jun 1, 2004 
Yeah, I guess. I could admire it anytime, without having the wimpy internet trying to work, for me to see it. ^^;

Yes, I am, admit it X3 I cant even think my way out of a paper bag! XD ROFL =3 Well, for people on deviantart, it shouldn't be a problem (I'm an exception) I dont think other people are confused by it. Or do they? Did you get any complaints about them?
Jun 1, 2004 
hehe, yes .. and every now and then I just randomly look through the folder, trying to imitate certain techniques and stuff ^^;

naw, I think you're doing just fine, don't you worry about that ^.^ I don't really get complains, but then again, if something doesn't work, many people don't say anything, so I would never know (or at least only realize it accidentally)
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