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Written by Tobias on Jul 4, 2004

yes, I made the site myself, without templates or anything (and it also can do a lot more than just a generic premade site, it's comfy to update for me, since for example, pictures are automatically resized and so on). it is fun, really ^-^
Simon Henriksen from Denmark
Jul 5, 2004 
Damn, then i have to do it all myself if i want a site like this, lol.

I made a forum for my personal site. Go check it and tell me what you think ^_^

Simon Henriksen
Jul 7, 2004 
hehe, yup, but believe me, it's fun ^.^ you can do everything in a way so it's most comfortable to you :)

I looked at your forums and your site, also when you first wrote here (I got an error page first, but the next day it worked) .. it's pretty, I would probably change the colour of the font, since red and blue usually clash ^^; apart from that though, it's calm and simplistic looking, nicely done n.n
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