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Written by Shadou Kitsune on Aug 4, 2004
Wow, I would not have guessed you use notepad for the editing of this site; it looks like as if it was done with an editor. I'm not certain on how to use editors so I use the next (sort of) best thing, notepad. Then again, I am new to HTML codeing and there is alot of things that I have yet to learn.
I was actually planing on getting that original Spyro (cause I'm into old gaming). I figure that the PS2 might be able to improve the graphics just a little bit. I'll have to find a local store for the rental of the game.
*nods* I try to make images that are visually pleasing and not too strenuous to look at. But still, I like the look of your site over mine (the colors are very suiting for the title and it has a calm look to it).
Your welcome, and I thank you for dropping by my site and signing my guestbook. Thank you much Toby ^^.

Signed// S.Kitsune
Aug 5, 2004 
naw, I couldn't do that in an editor, it's actually much easier with notepad .. it's small, fast, and has everything one needs to make a site .. of course, a bit of html is helpful, I'm still trying to learn it as well ^^;
hehe, the good thing there is, that spyro 3 is actually pretty cheap too, since it's a ps1 game .. with the ps2 it's faster though, from what I know ^^
thanks ^^ I guess it's just whether one prefers lighter themes or darker ones, yours is more on the darker side, but just as calming to look at, since the background is in black and not distracting from the foreground ^^
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