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Written by Nishi on Aug 13, 2004
I know, didn't mean to make it sound like they didn't... I meant really little details that aren't too easy to notice without the boxes (But some people probhably have a good enough eye/screen to notice them) like the white seeds on the strawberry in the birthday picture you did not too long ago. Other details you do are quite noticable even with the resizing though, I assure you that. ^^; I guess I work too close to the picture for the majority of the time spent on them that I don't notice how small or hard to see some details may be... I'll have to try and moderate things like that and make them easier to view. ^^ Thanks, and yep, that's the fun part about having characters that are your own, there aren't many limits, I'd say. :3

I think Toby looked cute back then as well, but in a bit more of a scruffy kind of way, if I put that right. ^^; Now you have his fur organized into small groupings and such, he has the lighter coat of fur on him now, and things like that which look quite nice on him. I'd guess older art usually seems worse, but it does have a classic feel to it that's always refreshing and reminds you how far you've gone as an artist. That's always inspirational to myself at least. But indeed, all you said was right as well. :3

Lol, that may be fun. Having all those different kind of moods on there, some to cheer you up, or be there to fit your mood, or just to have a funny looking cup and what-not. ^^ Hurrah for a Toby-mug, reminding us of the lovely option of dozing off during class, perhaps. :)
Aug 14, 2004 
Yup, I know what you mean, but the point is, it's just the same for your drawings. Those who just take a quick look, roughly get what's going on, but for those wanting to take a second, closer look, there are plenty of details and such to discover .. it's a good thing, really .. if someone loves your art, you give them .. like .. more to look at ^-^ I work pretty close to the picture too, only at the beginning I roughly flat colour the areas, then I already go to shading and adding details. Yush, that's pretty much the best thing, seeing that you actually get better and that you can try your hand at more difficult drawings, so you can almost draw them the way you imagined them to be at the beginning (or even exceed that, so they turn out better? ^^; )

hehe, what should I say? You're right on this too, after all, they are your drawings and that's how you drew back then .. so they still have a special meaning to them .. Tobias looked .. well .. different, but that's what he looked like one year ago =3 (same goes for Nishi, of course, being a lot smaller and more looking like .. well, he was much smaller. Nishi looks very teenager-like now ^-^

meep, dozing of in class is bad, when your teacher wakes you up again *giggles* meh, it happened already, that was embarassing ^^; Well, you could put a different mood on each of your drawings, and then, in the morning, you simply pick out one of the cupboard without looking and see what mood you got (and if it fits your current mood) .. or, if you're moody, you could already choose the fitting cup X3
Aug 17, 2004 
Exactly, that's what's so fun bout having friends who really take a lot of time on there art and all that, you get to notice a lot more detail than other people may, and it can actually be kinda fun discovering it all. :3 Indeed, that's the right way to go with art, going from top to bottum... but more like, going from less detail to more detail. ^^; Yup yup, having things turned out much better than you expected is a really good feeling, you can kind of end up surprising yourself sometimes if you're not careful (Or maybe if you're really careful? Not sure...). :P

Indeed, even when the old pictures end up looking not-so-great, they'll still always have a certain value to the artist. Tobias's aslways looked cool though, and always seemed to have proper anatomy and everything set back then too... where as I was just learning about all that and trying to do it the right way. ^^; Nice to know he looks a bit more mature now, thanks. Tobias looks like he's grown more fur and it's gained more color to it since back then, so kinda like he's maturing in his own way too. :)

I haven't got caught sleeping in my classes yet, but my teachers guessed I did anyways since my hair was long enough to cover up my eyes, so that I could get away with it if I wanted... But I usually paid attention and they thought that anyways. :( Ah well. :P Lol, that'd be fun, just getting like a random surprise at the start of the day (So long as you dont remember which ones are in the wash). And almost any cup would help fit or help improve a moody attitude, so that'd be pretty neat. :3
Aug 23, 2004 
Yush, that's always a great thing, and it makes it easier to comment on a picture with much detail too, you know? On really bare pictures, I often don't know what I should comment about (since I don't want to sound like I'm repeating colour suggestions and such all the time - those are mostly personal preferences). Hehe, and with many details, a picture doesn't get old too fast .. you can take a second, closer look, and maybe discover something you didn't see before - who knows?
Yup, very often one can surprise oneself with new techniques how good they work, but very often, if then after a few months of practicing you look back on how you started with the technique, it will be .. well, old news for you already ;P

I know .. it's still something you drew, right? everyone has to start *somewhere*, so old drawings are just part of your history as well. Well, your anatomy never really looked too off in first place, but you still have come a long way with it, it looks a lot more 'skilled' than before, you know what I mean? ^^ Hehe, yes, that was one of my biggest flaws of my old shading technique .. my pictures came out really pale and .. well .. just yucky X.x I'm glad I changed it though, even though it's slightly more time consuming to do, the colours seem to come out a bit better this way ^-^

Hmm, I'm sure, if they actually went to check whether you pay attention, they would notice pretty fast you do .. like, a certain teacher always thought I wasn't caring .. and then I got a 'surprise exam', twice in a row in her class .. but I did well, and now she rarely checks me ^-^
I never remember in which order I put the mugs in, so it would be a surprise for me, no doubt .. and well, yes, if all are in the dishwasher already, the last remaining one wouldn't be a big surprise, unless you forgot about the ones in the dishwasher X3.
By the way, you're a subscriber, right? Did you read the hot topic about the basic prints program? That might be something worth looking at, ne? ^-^
Aug 24, 2004 
Very right, it can actually be fun looking for detail and little things others might not notice, but when it's just sort of empty or hasn't had enough time spent on it... there's just nothing much to say, unless the concept or something like that's good enough I'd suppose. ^^;
The up side to looking back on old techniques is that you can at least see what about it has changed and what areas you weren't doing so well on, that can be sort of a reference from then on after for when you start out new techniques, then it gives you something else to focus on and the cycle could repeat itself... though that may not work too well all the time I suppose. x.x

Eep, thank you Tobers. ^^ I was always off with it, until you suggested to try sketching things out first, I'm too slow and probably would still be nowhere if I didn't hear that then. :P I kind of like how they were colored though, it was really unique. Usualy when people start off they make colors all vibrant and too vivid, so it's kind of too much... but your pictures were really soft on the eyes and and had this sort of classic, real life look all because of the colors, thought your shading and all that was good so perhaps it wouldn't have looked as bad being vivid... I still like the color choice back then though. ^^ And your stuff still looks great to this very day, even with brighter colors and changed character designs. :3

Luckily it was only one teacher that actually thought that... but eep, surpise quizzes don't sound too hip, not hip at all... At least you did well and proved them wrong, hurrah for that. =P
Lol, hopefully it'd be early enough to get one of them as a surprise, even if the rest have been in the washer, so that could bring a lot more fun to it. I usually only use mugs for tea and hot coco in the winter (Or summeer, whenever it's around =P) but I guess having personalized mugs would give me an excuse to use them more often. ^^

I actually missed the news about it (And I don't think I saw a hot topic about it in the message center either), and I don't know if there's a way to look back at older news reports, but I did see a notice about using prints when I submitted a couple days ago and that got me a little curious, but I left it alone since I didn't know about it. ^^; Is it like having prints for subscribers or something? I really need to pay for attention for stuff like that. @.@
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