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Written by Tobias on Sep 30, 2004
*bouncesaroundwithhuggingSylvana* <3 A skyscraper? O.O How many floors does it have?

*pets* Can't wait for the next year, right? ^-^ We have obligatory classes here, soo .. we have thirteen (lucky number, eh? X.<) classes, liike, English, German, Italian, Maths, Geography, Biology, Religion, History, PE, Music, Drawing, Physics, Informatics and Chemistry .. oh, that's fourteen .. phew ^^

B-but .. what about the maths assignments? ;_;

Mwahaha *leaps on Sylvana* got ya! >3
Sep 30, 2004 
*bouncesandhugs* Only one :giggle:

*pats* Yup x3 Whee! I can take Biolagy next year and then oceaonoligy x3

Evil x3

Ack! @_@
Sep 30, 2004 
*keepsbouncinghigherandhigher* That doesn't sound too big, does it? ;3

*pets* ^-^ Biology is fun and very interesting here ^^ Oceanoligy? Sounds like you'll be learning about the fish and such? =3

Whooo .. you or the maths assignments? <.<

meep, at least I had a soft landing? (I'm not *that* heavy X3)
Sep 30, 2004 
*bounces* Well it is ;3

*pats* Uh-uh! Yup...maybe seals too ;3

Me =3

Meeep x3
Sep 30, 2004 
*giggles* Yush yush, I believe you ;) Maybe even as big as my school? <.<

*pats* Yay! Dunno, we didn't learn of seals yet ;_;

Oh, I knew that, when I saw that little black thunderstorm-clouds following you <.<

And your blue wolfy is way bigger than me little seal X3
Sep 30, 2004 
*pokes* Mayybeee

*pats* ^_^ Aww ;_;

>.> <.<

Suure ;p
Sep 30, 2004 
*prods* orrr maybe way smaller XP

*pets* Hehe, if you learn about them before I do, you could teach me ;3

ooh look! It just got bigger X3

If yours'd land on me, I'd be flat as a pancake ^^; (just kidding, of course)
Nighty night, hope you have a good night of sleep ^^
Oct 1, 2004 
*pats* Mayyybeee

*pats* Nah, I won't do that till 11th grade or something...


Meany *sticks tongue out*
Nighty Night Sleep tight!
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