Hi -- this is supposed to be my guestbook. I welcome everyone to take a few seconds and feel free to sign it, no matter if you'd like to leave a comment about the site or just want to say hello.

Please don't spam the guestbook. Thanks =n.n=

Jan from Germany
Nov 14, 2005 
Hi! Thank you for your note over at DeviantArt. Of course I remember you! ;) I will update both my website and my DA account soon. :)

Jan Noyer
Nov 15, 2005 
That's awesome to hear, and I feel honoured you're remembering me too, after such a long time ^-^ You definitely need to let me know once you're done updating, I'm curious what you'll come up with (after all, you were one of the first persons I met online, and we're pretty close too ^-^ )
Phiyrr from Poland
Nov 6, 2005 
Lovely new site, Toby! Jsut wants to make me put on one of my warmer scarves and lick one of the ice cubes on the sidebar, and get my tongue stuck to it. <3

That was such a late comment. -___-;;

But still, I really love the biography on Jackie! It's really intersesting, and I can't wait to see what happens next. You're writing is certainly better with every word. ;3

Oh, and really, thanks for putting me in the 'Friends' page and drawing a picture for it. You really shouldn't have, and I still owe a picture for you. <3

||Paws, Phiyrr.
Nov 6, 2005 
Heeey Phiyrr .. wow, long time no see, huh? I was actually starting to wonder where you've been, already ^^; Yush, a scarf would definitely be a good idea, aaand don't worry about the ice cubes, they're not that cold so you'd get all stuck to them .. well, I hope so, at least. I've not tried them yet, to be honest ;3
Actually I was thinking that the page with Jackie's biography scared you off or something, since it was the one thing I had just put there when you left, aaand since it happened with someone else too, just at the same time, I've taken it down again - you and the other person are the only ones who can see it right now. No idea how good or bad the story is, at the moment I'm not really working at it ^^;

And you're welcome for putting you on my friends page - it's well deserved, after all, no? And you don't owe me anything, so don't think you do ^^; (if I can choose though, I'd prefer a traditional art drawing, id est, pencils, coloured pencils or such. But as said, you don't owe me even a bit, so don't feel like you have to make me a picture or something, okay? ^^; )

Take care,
Nov 24, 2005 
Yep, yep, still trying to reply to that wave of comments. *-* I could be the ice cube-tester if you like, but I'd probably crush them with my teeth before it got to my tounge. XD

Oh, no, I love Jackie's page, I read it every time that I go to your webbie. And thanks for keeping it up for that other person and me, that's really sweet of you. If you need any help with story, just ask, I love to write. ;3

Heheh. But I'll still make a picture, but I can't garauntee if the lineart will be with pencil, but I'll try. <3
Josie from UK
Oct 27, 2005 
Shyeaaah, cool blue wins the day again!

I'm liking the fading effect on the buttons, damn, all the cool kids are using crazy codes like that on their sites nowadays. I am e-Envious. :D

Wow, the friends just...I don't know whether I should be creeped out by the aomunt of info on there or not. X3
(Hootah! And my DOB is May 6th, point for the chameleon. Gimme a fish already. :D)

Hope you're doing well, and that I can perchance speak to you again soon.
Peace out! :P
Bungie95 from California, USA
Oct 18, 2005 
I see you've got the new look up and running, and I must say that it really fits your style! Beautiful job. ;)

Also, the way you color your pictures is really interesting. Perhaps you could show the process in which you do them one day?
Oct 19, 2005 
*giggles* Thank you, really glad you like it ^-^ It's not entirely done yet, since I still need to add things here and there, but I thought I could change it already these days ;3

Actually I think I did that already - let me look .. yup, on this picture: [Link], just look at the box where it says "Watch this picture being drawn" - you need openCanvas for that, but there's a link right next to it where you can download it for free ^-^
Oct 11, 2005 
This is such a functional website, Toby. Really. I love the feel of it.. makes me want to recode mine from the ground up again :P Anywhoo, greetings!
Bungie95 from California, USA
Aug 27, 2005 
Hi, Tobias! You've got a great site here! Awesome work! ^^
Aug 28, 2005 
Thank you ^-^ Most parts of the site are a little old graphic-wise, buuuut I'm glad you like it anyhow ;3

Take care <3
Josie from UK
Aug 4, 2005 
Hey, I know you! :P

Just popping by to say hello and stuff - wow, long time since we last spoke on here, no? Hope you're doing well and I'd love to hear from you again sometime soon.

Best wishes,
Aug 4, 2005 
Heeeeeeey Josie! ^-^

Hehe, you know, actually I think I know you too ;P And yup, you're right, it's been quite some time since we last talked (on devArt too, remember? *hinthint*) I'm doing well though, thanks for asking - how about you, hmm?

Take care,
Nicole Da Cat (aka Nicole-lune) from Canada
Jul 14, 2005 
Heya, Toby. ^_^ Just dropping by to say hi. x3
Jul 15, 2005 
*pokes* Thanks ^-^ aaaand hi back to you as well ;3
Boink_the_Joiner from Louisville, KY
Jun 27, 2005 
This page is bookmarked, loved,and soon to be linked. I like the layout... mebbe too much? Eh. No time to talk; gonna go spend the rest of the night looking at this stuff.
So purdy!
Emily from UK - Yorkshire
Apr 11, 2005 
This website is cool, but how do you become a member? I'm stumped...
Aug 7, 2005 
*giggles* actually, you don't need to be a member or anything, the login is just because you could make the site remember your name, timezone and that's about it ;3

Thanks for stopping by, by the way - and sorry for the delay - I was really busy the past months, but that should be over for now ^-^
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