Hi -- this is supposed to be my guestbook. I welcome everyone to take a few seconds and feel free to sign it, no matter if you'd like to leave a comment about the site or just want to say hello.

Please don't spam the guestbook. Thanks =n.n=

Sylvana from Germany
Nov 6, 2004 
hey you unknown artist!
i just want to say hello and your art is great,the pictures with the same name like me are so sweet!
Nov 7, 2004 
Aww, thank you, glad you like them ^-^ Hehe, I just noticed, you had the same name of a very good friend of mine here .. I actually didn't even think we'd have this name in German .. but I guess one learns something new everyday? :3 Do you draw too?
justin from carleton,mi
Nov 1, 2004 
your art is soo cute!
Lainie from USA
Oct 19, 2004 
nice site ^^ great art, what do you use to draw?
Oct 19, 2004 
Thank you (and thanks for the comments too ^-^). It doesn't really matter for me, since I don't use any special effects from the programs, but the pictures you looked at (from your comments), I drew with openCanvas =3
Phantomsamurai from somewhere...
Oct 14, 2004 
cool site!
Kyran from Australia
Sep 3, 2004 
Great art work.
Stephanie Shimerdla from US - temporarily in S. Korea
Sep 2, 2004 
Hey there! I just wanted to drop a quick thank you for creating this website and for all the helpful deviantArt hints. I have used that "test" section (where you can put in your journal entries, etc first to see how they will look) several times, and have found it to be so very helpful! Also, when I was fairly new to deviantArt, I found your tips and such for creating a better journal - thank you so much for all your help! Your artwork is absolutely adorable. :)
Phiyrr from The Clouds Above
Aug 26, 2004 
Hiya Toby! 'Member me, the strange ten year old kitty with dragon wings that dreams of becoming a great and much stalked artist?! Well I never really did tell you that, but I did send a note, and add you to my DA watch.
Well, I wish that you continue nicely on the art road, and that your art iproves ((even though it is pretty good already)) with every step you take.

Phiyrr ..A cat-dragon hybrid..
Shadou Kitsune from Ohio, USA
Aug 3, 2004 
Hey Toby, this is Shadou Kitsune. You were talking to me earlier about Spyro (went out just a few hours ago, but didn't get any chance to go out to get a copy of Spyro or Ratchet & Clanck). I like the look of your site. Very intricate design ^^ (in comparison to mine, yours is far better looking. Guess it's kind of my fault for using notepad to do my coding/designing).
Anywho, just thought I'd stop by and drop you a line on your GB.
Just to say, I linked to your site from the site mentioned (not sure if this would count as spamming but I figure I could tell you).

Signed// S.Kitsune

PS: Sorry if I made this too long U.U
Aug 4, 2004 
Hehe, I'm using notepad for the site as well, I can't really work too well with editors, plus it also uses a bit of PHP, so I suppose editors wouldn't help here a lot anymore ^^
spyro is a ps1 game (the ps2 one isn't really as good), so the graphics are not quite up-to-date, but it's fun nonetheless .. ratchet & clank was the next game they made for the ps2, and I like it a lot more .. maybe you can even find a shop where you can rent the games, for a few days?
oh, and don't worry, your graphics are just as nice, especially the pixel art ones .. yours is just more on the dark site with black and red, while mine is more white and blue .. you know .. snoow .. and ice ^-^
Thanks for stopping by, in any case .. I'll be sure to do the same *nodnods*
Shadou Kitsune
Aug 4, 2004 
Wow, I would not have guessed you use notepad for the editing of this site; it looks like as if it was done with an editor. I'm not certain on how to use editors so I use the next (sort of) best thing, notepad. Then again, I am new to HTML codeing and there is alot of things that I have yet to learn.
I was actually planing on getting that original Spyro (cause I'm into old gaming). I figure that the PS2 might be able to improve the graphics just a little bit. I'll have to find a local store for the rental of the game.
*nods* I try to make images that are visually pleasing and not too strenuous to look at. But still, I like the look of your site over mine (the colors are very suiting for the title and it has a calm look to it).
Your welcome, and I thank you for dropping by my site and signing my guestbook. Thank you much Toby ^^.

Signed// S.Kitsune
Blue Mage
Jul 21, 2004 
'Ello there, Mr. Toby! It's Blue Mage, just popping in.
You and the gang here do excellent work. And don't worry at ALL about your English; *points to the recent journal* You're typing and speaking it magnificently. Hell, you speak much better than at least HALF of all Americans. Take pride in that.
...woops, I started ranting. Sorry. Erm, anyways. Keep up the good work, everybody!

-Signed,The Blue Mage-
:Pirate That Don't Do Anything
:Zweihander Lord
:Fluent Speaker of Zee French
:Master of the Liberal Arts
:Wannabe Comedian
Jul 22, 2004 
thanks - that's an honour to hear, coming from someone speaking English natively ^^ not sure how good I'm actually speaking it, but I guess I would find my way around somehow ^-^
Simon Henriksen from Denmark
Jul 14, 2004 
Hi toby,

Thanks for looking at my "website". I'm working A LOT on it, and if you saw any blue colors it must be because you saw the v1 version, with the updated blog. I've made a beta version of my V2. Go here to check it out:

Portfolio doesn't work, cause I haven't got the time to sit down and work on the flash.

You can tell me what you think using the contact form, and I can mail back. It could be nice to talk a little with you about website ;-)
If it doesn't work, it should, you can send me a mail on

Simon Henriksen
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