Hi -- this is supposed to be my guestbook. I welcome everyone to take a few seconds and feel free to sign it, no matter if you'd like to leave a comment about the site or just want to say hello.

Please don't spam the guestbook. Thanks =n.n=

Allaze from France (powaaaaaah)
Jul 4, 2004 
hello ! I find a little error of link on your rubric "fan art" and on pic called "frozen lake" and don't forgot to add my pic on your site ^^ take your time and see yah !
Jul 4, 2004 
oops, how embarrassing ^^; thanks for pointing it out, I have fixed the link now.

The past two weeks I was pretty busy with exams and stuff, so I didn't really have the time to update the site a lot. but they're almost over now, so I finally get to come back to a lot of things I have been pushing ahead of me for quite some while.

thanks again, much appreciated!
Simon Henriksen from Denmark
Jul 2, 2004 
How did you make this site? With special premade templates like phpnuke and movabletype, or did you write it all yourself?
Jul 4, 2004 

yes, I made the site myself, without templates or anything (and it also can do a lot more than just a generic premade site, it's comfy to update for me, since for example, pictures are automatically resized and so on). it is fun, really ^-^
Simon Henriksen from Denmark
Jul 5, 2004 
Damn, then i have to do it all myself if i want a site like this, lol.

I made a forum for my personal site. Go check it and tell me what you think ^_^

Simon Henriksen
Hugo from Mexico
Jun 24, 2004 
Hey, there, Tobias, Your art is rather cool, I really enjoy every way of the cartoon that can be different and original, your style meets both and so I am delighted to make your acquaintance, even if it's by this media. Keep up your rather wonderful pieces of art, I am looking forward to see more of your work, Good job, Tob.
Tob is just to make it rhyme *sweatdrop*
Jun 26, 2004 
Thank you ^.^ Same goes to your work as well, it's always nice to see real media drawings, plus you're quite skilled at them too, putting emotions and expressions in them - very pretty ;)
Coral from Arizona
Jun 18, 2004 
I just wanted to say that you have one of the most adorable styles I have seen yet. :3 I adore your characters, they're just so precious and creative~. Keep up the great work!
Tori!! (teufelskerl on DA =D) from here, or maybe there...
Jun 17, 2004 
hey it all looks great!! youve got some web design talent, i tell ya.....
centaura from Granada, Spain
Jun 14, 2004 
Great work in the whole site, actually Im using a lot the DA test form page.
And you have very nice and special drawing too :)
mick-mick from Terra
Jun 13, 2004 
The site looks great. :)
Serena Kiti from Eunice, Louisiana
Jun 6, 2004 
It's Been Quite Awhile Since I've Visited And Your Website's Gotten Even More Amazing And Wonderful. Believe Me, I'm Real Impressed Indeed! Your Colouring And Artistic Abilities Have Improved Greatly And It Makes Me So Proud Of You.

Please, Keep It Up, Toby! *Hugs*

- Serena The Kiti
~Local Singer
~Katana Fighter
~Knower Of Japanese
Jedi Zero from U.S.A
Jun 6, 2004 
Wow, man, your art is amazing. if only I could draw half as good.
Jun 7, 2004 
thanks a lot .. and glad you like the drawings ^.^ I'm sure you can too, it all takes a bit of practice and time, and you get better with every picture you draw ;)
Mandy from U.K.
May 28, 2004 
Your picture is very nice and is quite alike to the picture
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