Hi -- this is supposed to be my guestbook. I welcome everyone to take a few seconds and feel free to sign it, no matter if you'd like to leave a comment about the site or just want to say hello.

Please don't spam the guestbook. Thanks =n.n=

ria from new zealand
May 20, 2004 
chur don't know you but hallo and yip dats sbout it
May 20, 2004 
hehe, I don't know you either, but hello to you as well ;)
May 15, 2004 
Hoi hoi, Tobias! *falls over* Such a long time since I wrote to you...I feel BAD. T_T Plus, I really miss writing to you too...ah well. Seven weeks left till summer hoildays, so yay...! ^o^ Then I'll be able to write to you EVERYDAY! XD Only joking...just more often than I am these days, you know? <=]

Are you keeping well? I expect the HelpDesk has been very occupying, no is schoolwork and such, no? School for me is just, well, eating up my life, but I'm determined to stick it out these last few weeks until the holidays...then I'll be wishing it was school again, hehe! n_n

Eh, I can't think of much more thats gone on in my I'll have to cut this message short. n_n* Oh, and George says hi. He misses you too. =3

~ Koshi
May 17, 2004 
hehe, seven weeks, that's pretty close for me too .. I guess it's eight or nine here, but what difference do two weeks make? and don't feel bad, actually I'm pretty busy too with school and stuff (isn't just everyone, at the moment?), so I know what you mean.

Yup, especially the last weeks - we can do that, right? .. I doubt I will be wishing it were school again though, for me the holidays are always way too short. ^.^
nothing much more going on for me either .. don't forget to say hi to George from me too, okay?

.. oh, and put something on your site again .. but I guess that's something you've planned for the holidays, ne? n.n
Frevfare Zulu from U.S.A.
May 14, 2004 
Hello just saying hello and keep up your awsomly cute stuff. *loves this place*
Ayana from Shreveport, La
May 6, 2004 
I came by a while back...Still love your work.

Take Care!
Ayana :)
Ofijo from Australia
May 3, 2004 
Hello, I was linked here to the page which reads about html tags. Your site is wonderful, as is your art.
Have a good day.
Lauren from UK
Apr 30, 2004 
Hey, cool site! And you draw such cute pictures!
Feiery from USA
Apr 30, 2004 
Hey! I don't know you but that's ok! Found this site through a friend of a friend! yea! Ok...cute art!! soooo cute...all warm n fuzzy...!!! awwwww....-smile- Great Job!!!! wuvin' it!!!! -squeels- Have a great day! and oh...Have a CoOkIe!~ .::grins::.
Frevfare Zulu from do you really wana know?.............=o.0=
Apr 28, 2004 
hey nice art you should make a waltdisny movie or sumthin.....
May 1, 2004 
*pokes and giggles* of course I really want to know, otherwise I wouldn't have asked, ne? ^.^
lets say " a guy who sees himself as a dog ^-^"(woof) from phillipnes
Apr 27, 2004 
hi love the character im kinda new can you fill me in -_-;; . cute and fuzzy ( excuse my english)i would rely want to learn more of this cute character
May 1, 2004 
the character? you mean Tobias? uuhm .. well, he's just a little seal living in the antarctic with his seal-brothers and seal-sisters .. loving to swim and generally having fun .. apart from that, there isn't too much to say, if you like, I have written a short description here.
how about you? do you have a character?
Kaab from Deviantart
Apr 19, 2004 
Hi Toby, remember me? ^^; I rarely look at your art. >_<; I'm sorry about that! You've improved so much sience I last looked at your art. I hope you can stop by my DA account sometime. :3;
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