Hi -- this is supposed to be my guestbook. I welcome everyone to take a few seconds and feel free to sign it, no matter if you'd like to leave a comment about the site or just want to say hello.

Please don't spam the guestbook. Thanks =n.n=

Feb 18, 2004 
I really love your layout. Adorable art as well. Usually not my thing, but very, very cute. ^^
Vaporshi from Canadia Land
Feb 15, 2004 
Love your website! Your art is so cute *_*
Geo from USA
Feb 13, 2004 
Nice Site. Love your Pictures.
Josie from Oxford, land of renowned shops and...universities...O_o*
Feb 8, 2004 
Bonjour Tobias! n_n I feel a bit naughty typing in your guestbook again, because its...well, for guests. n_n* Anyways...I just found out about your conversations up there *points* with your fellow seal friend and the...sledge...O_o* and I have to say, they were delightfully funny. *giggles* Tobias likes posing for researchers, no? =] Hey, if its the only way to get your fame and fortune in the Antartic...n_n
And also, the splash is very sweet. I remember seeing it as a certain devious little seals avatar, too...oh yes, Josie is so observant(!) Hardy har har...X3
I am getting my site done. *blinks* 'Holy Cannoli Batman, is she for real?!?' Yes indeedy do, it should be up real soon. =] Heck, I should be doing my coursework, but's too short for studying. n_n*
Anyhoos, just dropping by, seeing how you are and all...seems you're gaining fans by the minute! Lucky duck you. Seal, even...*giggles* Eh, I'd better get back to my procrastinating...and cranberry and apple tea. You're tea suggestions found me an addiction, Tobias! *waves finger* I have tasted many things in my time, but nothing as warm and scrumptious as cranberry and apple tea...mmm...mooshed up rosehip, chicory root andblackberry leaves never sounded so appetising. n____n
Woa, lecture-slash-novel alert. n_n* I'll leave you to fal asleep whilst reading this, and end with...keep up the wonderful work! *gives Tobias a fish lollipop* =]

~ Koshi
Feb 8, 2004 
hi Josie,

really, you can type something here as often as you feel like it, it's not just for guests, i just used the name because .. errr .. i'm uncreative and stuff and people name it guestbook anywhere else .. i guess *giggles as well* and yaaay, you noticed those conversations =n.n= i was always wondering if someone would read them (sssh .. don't tell anyone, but you can hover the sledge too .. plus they're saying different stuff depending on luck and weather) .. at least you don't have to envy Tobias' friend, he more often that not get's embarrassed by him .. just wait until we meet, and you'll see =n.n=
observant gecko .. i'll reuse it to no end, i was thinking of putting it up as a deviantID too, but i guess that would be too much, judging from how much i used that picture already =)
you've really got to finish your site (and icon) some time, the grey box up there is looking so empty and bare.

long comment? eeeh, i've wrote longer ones, remember? *hint hint*

~ Tobias ..
.. drinking cherry and strawberry tea, weeee =n.n=
Ayana from Shreveport, Louisiana
Feb 1, 2004 
Hi. I enjoyed your site. Beautiful work. Did you take any art classes?
Evil Kitty Kitty from Canada
Jan 14, 2004 
Your site rules, Tobias! ^.^ LOVE the art! It's SO kawaii ^^ You're awesome ^~ *huggles ye to death*
Ange from deviantART
Jan 5, 2004 
hey cute site :) i like it. your art is amazing. it is all soo adorable XD keep it up!!!
Jan 5, 2004 
=n.n= thank you, very nice of you.
Sylvana from U.S.A
Jan 4, 2004 
Great site Toby ^_^ here's a fishy and a hug :) *hug and gives fishy*
Jan 4, 2004 
aww thanks .. *hugs back and gives her a fishy as well*
Jan 3, 2004 
i like this site kinda but i like it more ^.^
Jan 3, 2004 
*is actually a bit confused with what you mean* but thanks anyhow, much appreciated n.n*
Dimitry from Sankt-Petersburg
Jan 2, 2004 
Happy New Year, Tobias !

I've been browsing through the web in searches for different sorts of furry art...and then i got here...

My, this is a true treasure, the type rarely found across i-net: the design, the convenience, and what's the best, your drawings ! I've never seen anything like it during my online life. I couldn't imagine that creativity, skill and sense of humor can be combined in a single person's work. Especially when his avatar is such a cutie ! I love all the wildlife inhabiting our planet, but seals and sea-lions were always somehow closer to me, and so your alter ego turned out ot be. It occured to me that seals are left behind by society of artists and painters - fortunately you proved me wrong.

It's great to know there is something warm, fuzzy and cute in nowadays world
of web activities. Thank you for your art,
it's really appreciated by a lot of people as you can see listing through the guestbook.

Indebted to your talent,

Dimitry from Russia
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