Hi -- this is supposed to be my guestbook. I welcome everyone to take a few seconds and feel free to sign it, no matter if you'd like to leave a comment about the site or just want to say hello.

Please don't spam the guestbook. Thanks =n.n=

Keute from Alaska
Jan 2, 2004 
Cute Toby, very cute!
Jan 2, 2004 
thanks, you site is very cute just as well, for some reason I never realized you had one n.n*

bolding the links until you clicked them is a nice idea, by the way, making it easy to keep track where I was already and what I still need to look at ^.^
Splushie from Norway
Dec 31, 2003 
Your art is just too cute! Keep up the awesome work *runs of with seal*
Jan 1, 2004 
awww thanks, very sweet of you ^.^ I'm glad you like it *clings to Splushie so he doesn't fall off while running*
Lenore from Planet Irk
Dec 25, 2003 
Just dropping by again, I see there's new stuff on the main page X3 Wow, I can't believe I'm in the links section, and my drawing is too! 0.0 But now that I look at it, it's pretty cruddy compared to how I could've done it if I weren't so lazy >_>; I'll draw you a better one when I catch up on some stuff ^^; Besides, the one you drew for me is sooo good! Thanks again :3
Dec 27, 2003 
naw, it's not merely as bad as you say, in fact, i think your drawing is really cute (as all of your drawings are) *giggles and tosses a snowball at kiu*
dana kitty! from behind your coach
Dec 14, 2003 
Thank ya so much for da journeying pic!! its so adorable!! ^-^ your website is awsome .... Did you mke it yourself -envys professional looking website-
Dec 27, 2003 
wha .. behind my coach? you mean couch, hmm? (at least i hope so, since i put a dish with milk behind the couch, if you like ^.^ .. otherwise it will get all sour and such)

hehe .. i'm glad you liked the drawing, it was fun to draw, especially since your characters are really adorable ^.^
[bluehalo] from US
Dec 13, 2003 
I haven't visited in a long while and thought I'd swing by to see what you're up to. I noticed your style changed a little, not much but a little bit. ^_^ I also saw that you posted a deviantID, but I couldn't find your deviant gallery. Could you send me it so I can add you to my watch?

[edit] Heh, I found it already. Perhaps I shouldn't have given up so soon! ^_^
Dec 13, 2003 
I'm on deviantArt as ^.^ long time no see, hmm?
I didn't know you're on deviantArt too, so I'll have a look and try finding you there as well ^.^

[edit] me too, but I have to admit you were way faster than me ^.^
Koshi from The wet and windy UK n_n*
Nov 22, 2003 
I first saw your work on DeviantArt and thought to myself 'Wao! I didn't know seals could draw!' Then I picked my jaw off the ground and took a little look-see at your site. =] I have to say, its one of the most adorable sites I've seen! And your artwork is just so cute; your style is very unique indeed. Keep up the wonderful art! n_n
~ Koshi
Nov 24, 2003 
*giggles* hehe, I love your writing style, plus your characters are really adorable as well (wohoo for george) ^.^ seals can be very creative at times, even though it's quite hard to hold a pencil (and even more to type) with those paws ^.^ windy and wet UK? no way .. the few times I was in the UK I always enjoyed great weather .. could be you have a couple of rainy days every now and then, but it's not really different here, right now it's kinda foggy here (plus it's pretty much as cold as the place where tobias is diving around catching fish and stuff .. brrrrr)
tort!! from here
Nov 19, 2003 
hihi! ur site ROCKS. much better than mine, but u can check it out if you like!*wink* and ur art style is really cyoooott!! i love the..uh..seal..thing. cute^^;;;

anyway, keep up the good work cuzza i need a role model. and ill stalk you on DA if you like^^ btw on DA im teufelskerl, if you care, go see the suckyness.
ttyl, tori
Nov 24, 2003 
hihi tori, nice to meet you ^.^ the "home" section on your sites gives me some error, but the site is just fine, no worries ^.^ the pastell-green looks just fine (even though even though you could probably make it a tad bit darker, since right now it draws attention away from the text to the green, nonetheless, well done).

sooo .. you're from here? what a coincidence, so am I (actually I do have to admit that your nickname sounds german, so it could be, but I believe I've seen somewhere that you're from the US .. hawaii .. or such ^.^).
Lenore from Planet Irk(but currently living in MA)
Nov 11, 2003 
Hey it's me(rabid-cabbit from Devart). Just thought I'd check out your site. It's nicely made, cute drawings as well ^_^
Nov 12, 2003 
hehe .. i guess i messed up again ^.^ i added the link to your deviantArt site (the igloo on the right) and for some reason it put my name ontop of the posting .. *sighs* i suppose i still have a lot of work to do, never mind me ^.^

i'm really glad though you like it here .. hey, you know Tenchi Muyo too .. Ryo-Ohki is really adorable ^.^
Anna from the US... sorta.
Nov 9, 2003 
'Ello! Figured I should peek at your site since I love your cute widdle sealy self =^__^= Hope you don't mind that I kinda borrowed you for a cartoon I'm doing with other people's characters... I just had to X3

Anyway... keep up the awesome cuteness! =3 many sealy hugs to you!
Nov 10, 2003 
hi anna ^.^

thanks for dropping by, i'm glad you like the pictures .. hehe, don't worry, i won't mind if you put tobias in a cartoon or such, in fact i feel honoured ^.^ will you submit it to deviantArt? i'd love to see it, hence be sure to tell me ^.^
amisay from France
Nov 2, 2003 
Hi Toby, it's me again ^^

I wanna tell you that I'm addicted to your style and how you've improved for your character and the layout of your site! I envy you for this n_n

You know, I see you're bringing gold on your hands, I imagine you could become a good cartoonist and draw some greeting cards and become Diddl's best rival, he he ^^

Nov 5, 2003 
aww .. thanks for the nice words .. i'm glad you like it ^.^

*giggles* greeting cards? hehe .. i dunno ^.^ even though the imagination of making some sounds like fun .. hehe .. we could flood the world with tobias and amisay greeting cards (as well as print them on skateboards) .. wohooo ^.^

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