Hi -- this is supposed to be my guestbook. I welcome everyone to take a few seconds and feel free to sign it, no matter if you'd like to leave a comment about the site or just want to say hello.

Please don't spam the guestbook. Thanks =n.n=

Kalaco from Hamilton, Hamilton
Nov 1, 2003 
Yay ^^ I sign toby's gBook ^^
Oct 16, 2003 
heya toby~ XD I like your site ^^; i never checked it out XD and your seal character is cutee! I must draw him sooooon
Nov 6, 2003 

hehe .. i've never been to las vegas, but i was pretty close .. yay .. i could have paid you a visit ^.^

Willy Goldwater (David Stapley)
Oct 15, 2003 
Comments eh? Well, I like to make new friends. Unfortunatley, that is extremely hard to do with the kids at my school. Ugh... Anyway, I seem to make loads of friends on the internet, most being very good artists! I found this page to be quite interesting plus I love the art style! ^_^ So, I guess I'm going to be comming here quite often.
Sep 19, 2003 
Toby, you're site is... SO KOOL. It's like awesome and so organized! Gorsh I can't believe it, very professional. Anyways, have fun! Later.
Sep 11, 2003 
Howdy Toby! Nice site, I like the stuff you got on here too (the art =P). just thought I'd leave a message cuz you tried to do the same ^^ :hug:
Supa Kat
Sep 7, 2003 
Hey *hug* I'm back here again :D I'm really glad you liked that picture enough to put up here :D lol. But I think he'd look better with a full head of's just seals dont really have hair/fur when they're bigger ^^;

If I do any picture of you, you have my permission to put it up ^^

hehe .. you know, i'll be the first seal wearing a wig .. wohooo ^.^

don't worry, your picture's very good just the way it is, it doesn't look like as if i'm lacking hair at all, believe me, you did a really good job on it (as you do on all your drawings, as a matter of fact).

aww i still need to put up the other picture ^.^
Sep 5, 2003 
^^; I know, I already signed it... but I never said how much I admire your site! It's so welcoming without being flashy, and convenient without looking bare, and... Ooh! You drew my li'l robo dude!!!*_* Thankyou!  
awww .. glad you like it here .. i'm not too fond of blinking and flashing sites either ^.^ 
you can sign as often as you want, for that matter, i don't mind that at all ^.^
selfur moon
Sep 1, 2003 
um hi

hi .. how are you doing?
Aug 18, 2003 
Yo, Tobias! You're webpage is so cute! :3  
It makes me crave icecream... Yum. Eis... Eis ist gute.  
My german skills... Are not good.  
*laughs* rest assured .. i'm not going to tell anyone, Kelsey, not even your German teacher. ^.^ would you like some ice-cream? *hands her some*  
and don't worry .. anyone would understand you here, even though they might look a little funny, but you'd get your ice-cream eventually, and after all that's what counts, isn't it?  
asys k. srice shadowheart
Aug 16, 2003 
ei toby!! just snooping around.. seems you've got stuff here that isnt on dev, eh?  
well actually just the old drawings (which are simply not worth it) and the photo (which i somehow don't feel like uploading) .. well and some other stuff .. i don't upload just about everything to deviantArt, you know ^.^  
oh by the way, hi, asys ^.^  
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