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Aug 16, 2003 
Heheheh...I feel kinda embarrassed... after knowing you all this time and I only now noticed you have a website.^^; Aw, well... I gotta say, I love your pad! I once attempted one myself, but failed miserably.;_; Well, enough about that. Seeya later!  
waii .. shadowspark visiting .. how are you doing? hehe .. what makes you think i won't fail miserably, hmm? okay, well at least you can find me in google already, i had a pretty hard time getting the google-spider crawling my site, even though i put flies in every corner .. i mean .. spiders like flies, right?  
That "little" blue guy on the right (*points to the right*) is © Shadowspark by the way, just for the logs ^.^  
Aug 13, 2003 
Heyas Toby hun! n.n  
Cute site you have there, I'm-a gonna visit you once in a while here! Lurv your art!
Supa Kat
Jul 28, 2003 
heya ^_^ Well curiosity got the better of me (probably why my character is a cat o_o ) and I had to check your site out :D It has a great design! :D Hm, I'm thinking of drawing another picture of you and supakat as youngsters. hehe. I just have to remember how to draw supa kat a certain way o_o *hug* Keep up the awesome artwork ^^  
*smiles* seals can be very curious as well, you know? thank you again for the picture, i like it a lot! *hugs back* 
Jul 18, 2003 
Hey Tobias! I didn't know that a seal can draw, too! ^_^  
Oh yeah... Thanks for your comment on one of my works at deviantART!  
Your characters are just so cute. I wonder if I might do a giftart someday... ~_^  
hehe .. it's not easy, I tell you. Even worse, this seal is left-pawed and tends to smudge lines a lot.  
Your character is really cute, you're a very talented artist, it is a honor to see you hanging around here .. weeee I feel so special now ^.^  
Actually I didn't see Zanoma in your gallery the first time I visited -- I don't know why though .. the only explaination I have is .. uhm .. that it was dark and I was all tired .. and that I tend to miss things sometimes .. Zanoma simply is adorable and sympathic, you'll get much more comments .. at least from me .. just you wait .. ^.^  
Jul 11, 2003 
It's a really nice and warm athmosplere for a supposed "inhospitable and cold environment"! Your characters are cute and your arts are nice to see :) But can I suggest you to add more warm colors? Because it's too bad the final arts are a bit...pale :( (but i can understand it, as it's a cold world..)  
I'd like to know more about the char of Tobias and his friends? Is there any profile page or comic you made?  
Seeya and keep it up :)  
it's an inhospitable environment, indeed, but what counts is more what you make of it, right? i mean, you're very warmly welcome here, amisay, even though it's pretty cold out there.  
i know .. the colours .. that's one of my biggest weaknesses ^.^ .. but i'll keep trying *smiles* ^.^  
profile page? comic? *scratches his head, smiling awkwardly* uuhm .. nope, sorry, nothing here yet .. i'm still a little unsure of certain points in the plot, and to be honest, i couldn't do a comic >^.^<  
thank you a lot for your input, it's very appreciated *smiles* .. i'll try my very best to come up to your expectations ^.^  
Jun 29, 2003 
hi there :D wow. you've got some mad art skills! your pictures are really amazing :D and they're really cute, too :P thanks for leaving such a sweet comment at my site, by the way. yeah, i know. i need some funnier reads, lol.
Serena Ann Pitre
Jun 26, 2003 
Awww, Tobias! I Lurve Your Site Very Much! Your Artwork Is Cute And Your Site Is Absolutely Adorable. *Gives Tobias A Fishie* Tee Hee, A Fishie For The Toby! Keep Up All Your Fantastic Work!  
- Serena The Kitty ~ Blaze The Hedgie  
~Local Singer  
~Knower Of Japanese 
A fish? For mee? *blushes instantly* Oh .. thank you a lot, Serena.
Jun 21, 2003 
hey! i loved going through all your adorable art work. XD you're a great artist!! keep up the awesome work. ciao!
Jun 13, 2003 
hello! Nice site.. lol! Love the graphics.. XD .. TC!
Aoi Doragon
Jun 5, 2003 
I like your artwork and it's preatty cute too ^_^. I also like the site design but that's something else. Keep up the good work and keep on drawing ^_^。
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