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Written by Phiyrr on Aug 10, 2005
True, but still, food is gooooooood! But the food that they put up on TV is so much better looking than the real thing. XD

An Island Phiyrr? Maybe almost Hawaiian to me. ;D

Ah, a Neopet's paint brush. Phiyrr-style? Maybe it would have a little coon tail, with a scarf and goggles draped around the handle. Split-like black and brownish-orange. :3

What do you think a Toby paint brush would look like? ^___^
Aug 15, 2005 
Yush, it's often that way .. and in restaurants, it's sometimes the same too ;P Like, the picture of the food looks really really tasty, but when you order it, it doesn't come too close to the photo ^^;

Yup yup, Hawaii is an island after all, no? ;P She'll probably come with coconut milk and her scarf would be made of a really really light fabric .. maybe silk? ;)

Hehe, that's a good idea .. and every pet you'd paint with it would get a scarf and googles, aaaas well as Phiyrr's colours ;3 Sounds cute - now everyone could paint their pets in Phiyrr! X3

Hehe, nooo idea .. a friend drew it once, with a fish and a seal tail on the handle, soooo maybe like that? Tobias doesn't have much with him that could be on the brush, buuuut it could have some dark brown spots, whoooo knows ;)

*goes to paint Phiyrr tyrannian* >3
Aug 18, 2005 
Aye. But usually the food in the photos are not even edible, since they touch it up with make-up and all. From what I heard at the least. Oh well, at least people order from them, right? XD

Even better, Hawaii is multiple islands. Silky scarf with flower prints on it, at the least. <333

Uh-huh. That way I could count how many fans I have, by how many pets are painted with le Phiyrr style. >:D

Oh, I guess everybody would be crazed to get a Tobyf Paintbrush. And everybody would have a little seal, not only Tussikany owners. ^___^

Ugga ugga ugg. ;D

Squee. You know, I think Toby would look cool painted desert-like, with that Egyptian look. And he could have one of those gold-and-turqiouste head dresses, with a little fish badge on the top. ;3

Aug 19, 2005 
Ack, really? That sounds weird, makeup for apples ^^; But at least they're all pretty then, no? Just wait, soon you'll go to the supermarket and see parfume for apples, pears and cucumbers ;3

Aww, wow ^-^ I've never been there, can you tell? Soo you could go and choose your favourite island to stay on even .. and yup, silky scarf with plenty of actual flowers on it .. you'd need to water them though, every now and then, buuuut I guess if you just leave it on while showering, that'd work X3

Yup yup .. and whooo knows, maybe they could put Phiyrr in RO as well, then you could get it as pet, dashing after you whereever you go ;3

(tobyf is only my name on devArt, since toby wasn't available anymore .. you can just refer to me as toby or tobias, whichever you prefer. noooo idea whether it'd make their pet a seal, but I can imagine they'd get flippers and dark spots on their back and such)

Uggauggg? ;P

Hehe, true, he would .. even if he'd probably look odd in gold, siiince he'd usually not wear anything fancy ;3 I actually think I drew him desert-style once, but it's actually just him wearing a huuge white towel (that's way too large for him) with a brown and cream zigzag pattern on the bottom ;3 Hehe, a fish badge sounds like a cute idea .. who knows, maybe he'd actually wear it? ;P
Aug 22, 2005 
Oh yes, but the apples are too pretty too eat. Fruit and vegetable perfume sounds like a fun idea. Think of it, you smell apples or oranges, go in to your house to see if there are any to chew on, but it's just a friend coming to show you the new perfume. ;P

Aye, and you can go island hopping, too. I've heard that there is and island that has this huge maze made entirely out of pineapples and other tropical fruits. Though the problem with watering the flowers on would be that silk isn't really suppoused to make contact with water; it kinda But flowers are pretty, and I would obviously bring one back to Toby in the Arctic as a souvenier, in a glass case so that it wouldn't wilt and all. ^___^;;

Heheheh. That would be nice, though I would be kind of tired after many battles helping my owner. :O

{{Kay kay, Toby. I'm just used to reading your page on DeviantART and all. <3}}

Ugg ugg ugg ung. XD

Meep. I guess he would, and it would be funny to see him wearing that huge towel. I hope it would keep him out of the heat, though, since the tempreature is quite warm in Egypt. Would he be riding a camel as well?
Sep 2, 2005 
Weeeell, actually, truth be told I think we have a shampoo at home that smells a lot like that ^-^ So, whenever you take a shower, you'd then smell like a whole basket full of apples ;3 But yup, it could be kind of deceiving .. now add that banana-peach shower gel, and you smell like fruit salad ;P

Really? Wow ^^ Even though, nooo idea how long that'd be a maze .. one could just eat their way straight to the exit, no? ^^ Eeep, I didn't know that ^^; Theeeen you'd just have to be extra careful when watering those flowers, no? Ooooor you'd have a special kind of water resistant silk .. oooor you could actually wear a collar made of leaves, with flowers on them, that'd work, no? ^^ Aww, and thanks ^-^ Just be careful you don't freeze too much, in the Antarctic ^^;

Hehe, true, buuut of course your owner would give you plenty of rest, no? And plenty of pet food too, no? Ooor would you rather settle for apple juice, like the porings?

(I know, I know .. it still sounds odd .. I mean, noone in real life actually calls me tobyf X3 )

Uuuuung ugg ugg?

yush, yush, you're right .. actually I think he'd mainly stay in the shadows, ooor in the water of an oasis ^^ a camel? Nooo idea, I guess he might just be in someone's bag on the side, and have them ride the camel =3
Sep 10, 2005 
Aye aye, but hope that nobody will be hungry after you wash. Beccause teeth, aye, the sharp, pointy teeth. ;/

Aye, but tummyaches would probasbly be close by, even if you didn't eat breakfast. All good ideas, but I would probably try and use a water resistant silk. Scarves are my obbsesion. <3 And don't worry, I have fur, and my scarf collection, so I probably woun't freeze and all. ;D

I would hope. But I would dive for the potato chips, even if unhealthy. >)

(Heheh. Okay, Toby. My friends even can't pronounce 'Phiyrr.' <3)

Le uhgg ugg ugg. Ugga ugn? <Yes, I know, I cheated a bit. ;O>

Squee. Now that's cool. Phiyrr could try and find some nifty oasis, and maybe some communication with the camel to self ride. ^___^;;
Sep 11, 2005 
Hehe, yush yush ^-^ You have to be extra careful after that shampoo if you don't want to end up as fruid salad X3

Yay .. now we just have to wait until they invent water resistant silk, I guess ;3 And that's a good thing - still, the Antarctic can get reeeeally cold, soo you might bring an extra set of scarfs with you (that way I'd know if I see a huge ball of scars darting around, that it's you) ^-^

Potato chips? That's a good pet food then (eeeven though you might get round as a ball after some time >3) .. iiiit's easy to get though, quite some monsters drop potatoes, and I have seen frying pans as well ^-^

Yay, that would work just fine ^-^ That way Tobias would have plenty of water to cool down, aaand you could snatch some coconuts and bananas from nearby coconut trees and banana plants ^-^
Sep 11, 2005 
Ugga-ug? Uuuug?? ^^
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