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  • Please press "Browse" to locate the image you want to have changed into an avatar, and then click the "Submit" button to continue.
  • Currently, the following file formats are supported and will be detected automatically:
    • JPG
    • PNG
    • GIF
    Pretty much all images on the web are in this format. In case you have your image in a different format, you can use IrfanView (a free image converter) to open your file, and save it in one of the above formats (PNG is the best), by choosing it in the file type dropdown box of the save box. If your image is already in that format, you don't need to do that and can submit it right away.
  • At the moment six avatar sizes are supported. This website and many others use 50x50 pixels avatars, while many phpBB boards and such use 75x75, 80x80 or even 100x100 pixel avatars. AIM has 48x48 pixel avatars, and MSN 96x96 pixels ones - after you uploaded your picture, the site will ask you what size you'd prefer your avatar to have ^^
  • Please mind the copyright - you shouldn't use someone else's work without at least asking them and them saying that you may.
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