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Be sure to tell me if you encounter copyrighted material which I did not properly credit or label or if you see any of my graphics used somewhere else (rips), be it my art or the little icons you can see throughout the site, they are all created by me. If you see them anywhere else, they're stolen and I would appreciate it loads if you told me about it. Thank you ^.^


I check and look through the pages before I link them, to make sure they do not contain inappropriate or illegal material and won't link (or remove the link, in case the link got placed by a user, such as in the guestbook) if it is the case. All links to external sites work and do not contain objectable material as per December 1, 2005. If you spot illegal material on pages I link to, please let me know right away by dropping me a note. Also, let me know if you have any concern about material found on this site as well. Keep in mind that all posts made to forums or the guestbook express the views and opinions of the author and not mine. I'm doing my best to keep everything fine, but it's impossible to review every post, every site change in realtime.

If you'd like to link me for whatever reason, feel free to use the buttons in the "Links" section, or simply create the good old-fashioned text-link. If you use a button, please upload it to your own server.

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