Hiya and welcome to my site ^-^ Curious what you can do? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
Drawings: Browse through artwork I drew, ranging from traditional, over clay figures to digital art.
Paw'D - The Game
Play: I am working on Paw'D, a Flash game in which you play as little canine-like creatures. It has its own website by now, too!
Try it out, and let me know what you think. ^-^
Read: While I am notoriously bad at posting up-to-date journals, there might be chance that I will post something here .. eventually. X3
Take your time to look around - you can always drop me a note, whether you have any questions, comments, want to get in touch or just want to say hello. ^^
- toby
Fuzzy and Furry Drawings
Until I write a decent journal, these here are a few drawings I drew over time automatically selected from my gallery - they're not necessarily the newest ones, which you can find here or in my gallery ^^
Fan Art - My Friends' Artwork
These here are some of the drawings I got from my friends - you can see even more of them in the Fan Art Gallery, which is probably one of the most interesting ones: Coming from many different persons (who also improve and change the way they draw over time), you will find a large variety of different styles, media and techniques there. If one of the styles stands out to you, you can click on their picture which will also take you to their gallery, where you can find more of their drawings.
If you're curious about the friends I made, you're welcome to have a look at the My Friends section I dedicated to them ^-^
Artistic Friends
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