Here you can find a few good friends of mine, so if you're curious who I usually hang around with, you're just at the right place ^-^
The list isn't all complete, I know, and there are many other people I like, but I'm not really striving for it to be all accurate all the time either, since it'd always make someone feel left out. And of course I want to make sure that I get to know someone quite a bit before adding them too, thus, the ones you can find here are all friends which I've known and hung around with for quite some time already, and who I have quite a bit of trust in as well. Soo, it's pretty accurate on the long run, which I think is the best way to go ^^

The lists themselves are shuffled everytime you click on one of the buttons (but they are the same for each button, thus choose the one you prefer), so if you try again, you'll find another artist on the top for you to explore - and I would really recommend you to, not only you have nothing to lose, but you might also find a very unique art style that you simply love. And last but not least I also know for each and everyone of them that they have a sweet and precious personality, so you can be sure they can appreciate and value your efforts to look at their work ^-^

If you like, you can also look through my friends by birthday (the next one is Josie's, on May 6), by age or shuffled randomly, whichever flavour your prefer ^^

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