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A very vivid writing style and art rich with fantasy themes are just a few of Lolly's qualities one knows to appreciate over time - not only her art has a large variety of characters in many different poses, it also has emotion put into it, and her pictures most often have a story to tell. Add to all this that her critiques on other people's art are helpful, of high quality and roleplays with her are fun to do (seeing the effort put into them) - as well as her being caring and pretty much one of the most loyal persons I have met: sure, everyone has their ups and downs, however especially when it's not all sunshine it is always nice to know someone sticks around when things went wrong or you messed up. All these are qualities rarely seen in this combination and surely make Lolly a very special person to know.

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Featured Artists
This section is dedicated to those who actually did more than just dropping by and leaving again - be it mailing me, exchanging, trading or helping me improve - even though the world wide web is huge there are surprisingly few people, who are kind and warm-hearted enough to get in touch with each other, actually care and hence really make my day.
In fact that's also the reason this section is separated from the general links - these people are very special ones and as such deserve a separated section.
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