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(by Tobias, Aug 28, 2003)
This is my part of the art trade with pixkitty .. I know, it took me a long time, but I had quite a lot to do .. moreover I was sick on the weekend -.- (feeling all well again now ) 
I drew with with water-soluble pencils as well, which was quite interesting, since it lead me to two conclusions: First of all, water-soluble pencils don't work on copy paper. The tip destroys the surface of the paper, hence the water gets into the sheet making it very easy to tear. And second, I can't really draw with water-soluble pencils, I find it very hard to do any gradient and my scanner (I won't kick it though, since it was cheap, at least, so I guess that's just about the best it can do) does a very nice job on removing the brilliant colours of water-soluble pencils. oh well, I'm ranting to much .. this is a bad thing, you know .. so let's get over to the end now shall we? 
The background was obviously drawn on the computer and blurred .. it just looked odd letting pixkitty stand in the air on white paper ^.^ 
Character - as you might have guessed - is © pixkitty, a fellow deviant on deviantArt
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