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Sylvana - Happy Birthday
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Sylvana - Happy Birthday
(by Tobias, Jun 4, 2005)
Chocolate covered cake - for Sylvana, who is celebrating her 15th birthday today (unless I mixed up the date - which would be no big surprise, knowing myself ^^; ) - complete with candle and confetti ;P

Nooothing much to say, apart from that - it's made with clay, and painted with acrylics - I'd say it's quite a bit more detailed than the last one, especially since I tried to model a smiling expression - which turned out to be pretty hard, alas ^^;

Anyhow - here we go - hope you like it, aaand: Happy Birthday ^-^
Jul 12, 2005 
I am so sorry for posting this late...

But, It's awesome and I love it, a lot..

Your the greatest person, Toby <3
Jul 12, 2005 
Hiya Sylvana ^-^

Hehe, don't be sorry, I knew you'd see it at some point, and I didn't want to push you either ;3 I'm glad you love it though - and once again, a Happy (belated) Birthday ^-^
By the way, my offer still stands (and always be, for that matter) - I would love to send you the clay figures, if you don't mind, buuuut I'd need your address for that, so, if it's okay for you (and your parents ;P), you could drop me a mail? (you know my address .. aaand I definitely don't bite - big seal-promise ^-^) I'd be a huge honour to me, knowing that you have them, in any case <3

Nu-uh, you are ^-^ Aaand I hope you know that (well, in case you didn't, you do now ;P ).

Take care,
~ Tobias
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