"Rough Rescue" by Martin Gray

tobias stuck high up on a tree (no questions, please -.-), being found by Myo, the adorable bat character of Martin Gray.

well .. and that's the pretty dramatic rescue attempt of Myo .. with scared tobias (seals don't really like flying and rather want their flippers on solid ground or water) clinging to him and accidentally covering both his eyes, hence Myo doesn't know anymore where he is going, crashing against trees and other things that might come in their way. the expressions on their faces are priceless ^.^. Thank you Martin!

PS.: This wasn't exactly an art trade .. I spotted Martin's art on deviantART and liked it a lot, especially his bat characters .. thus I drew him the first picture, Martin returned this favor and since the most fitting place on icyworlds is the 'Fan Art' section, I renamed it to 'Fan Art / Art Trades', placing the picture there.

PPS.: I scaled the picture down, to see it full size as well as more of Martin's art, please go here.
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