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Lost in Music ~ for Kazzi
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Lost in Music ~ for Kazzi
(by Tobias, Oct 16, 2005)
Look, I submitted something! ;P

This is a little drawing for a very cute and special friend I got to know quite a while ago - and that's Kazzi, a cheerful and friendly artist from Australia, who loves singing, playing the French Horn - and fencing ;3
Her drawings are unique and adorable, and if you have some time to spare, you might want to take a look at her work too, since - who knows? You might just like them as much as I do, and besides, you don't really have anything to lose ^-^ Should you like her style a lot, her older accounts such as tiger-kazzy are just as much worth a visit, featuring many different friendly and happy characters in her previous style, which is slightly different, but in no way less cute and warm than her current one.

Anyhow, this would be Kazzi, Kazzi-Kins' character; a wolfling, with large ears, light brown fur, and dark brown markings. The colour of her horn changes with her mood and her feelings, ranging from pink (hyperactive, verrry common for Kazzi, especially after getting too much sugar ;P ) over white (innocence) to gold (happiness). You can find out more about this species and what all the colours mean by looking at her reference sheet at [Link] ^-^
Music, playing an instrument, singing, has something magical to it, like a mixture of genuineness and innocence if it comes from ones heart, which is what I tried to draw - and Kazzi is just perfect for that: really friendly, always ready to help, and generally just being her precious self, she certainly deserves a lot more than that, but still ~ this is for you, as a sign of appreciation for sharing your art, being yourself and generally as a way to say "Thank you", for everything and to give a little of the warmness you give us, back to you ^-^

(Comments and critique are much appreciated, however to keep them all on one place, you'd need to go here: [Link] )
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