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deviantID - the third
deviantID - the third
(by Tobias, Oct 28, 2003)
meet tobias, the deviant who changes his deviantID more often than some people change their pants -.-

this is deviantID number three for deviantArt, I made the last one in July, and of course I had nothing better to do than to change it - again.

Tobias is a very curious and friendly seal, living in the Antarctic, at the coast, enjoying fishing and playing around with his friends .. no, I'm nowhere near him, I'm Austrian, even though this starts with an "A" too and right now is only 5°C warmer than the place where this little seal (around 13 inches, but he can stand on his fins, in that case he is whopping 23 inches tall) lives.

You'll have to divide the human age by three to get Tobias' age, hence when I'll be fifteen in a handful of months, he'll be five (seals usually live around twenty-five up to thirty years, however very few seals actually reach thirty years).

As for his personality, this seal is rather on the quiet side, cheerful, but keeping himself in the background, being polite, caring for others and modest (which are virtues I value highly and try to adhere myself, even though I'm not always really good at it), yet courageous when it comes to it, tending to exaggerate sometimes.
Mar 18, 2004 
the seal looks so cute!!!!!
Mar 23, 2004 
thank you =)
Nov 2, 2006 
tobyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! ^^
Jun 27, 2007 
You know Italian? Woahie. That's three languages!

Are you good at languages? (learn Pollllissssh. :3)
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