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Colouring Pages - Travelling Far
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Colouring Pages - Travelling Far
(by Tobias, Feb 3, 2006)
Just a little random thingy, dreaming over an open storybook ^-^

This picture is part of the colouring pages here, for you to print out and to colour. Please give me credit for the lineart if you publish this image, even if you coloured it (such as, if you're submitting it somewhere to the internet). For any commercial use, please contact me for permission ^^

All pictures you see in the colouring pages gallery should be at 150dpi, so to get a printout of the size the picture originally was, try setting your printing software to that resolution (though it'll also look fine at other sizes ^^).

To print this image, click the "Print Image" link just below the image - you'll get a new window that has just the picture in it, and nothing else. From there, you can use your browser's print function to print the drawing (usually "Print" in the "File" menu). If your browser offers a "Print Preview" feature, be sure to use it and play around with the orientation - some drawings look better on landscape. Of course, you can also right-click to save the image, and then open it with your favourite imaging software, which will very likely give a much better print quality.

Feb 13, 2006 
Awr...that usually happens to me. ;D
Feb 13, 2006 
Meep, Phyirr *-* long time no see .. where have you been? ;___;
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