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We'll Show Those Fish, Right?
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We'll Show Those Fish, Right?
(by Tobias, Jun 26, 2003)

Tobias fishing, together with Serena The Kitty .. we did bring a fishing rod and a harpoon with us, just in case convincing the fish to jump out of the water will not work.
Serena Ann Pitre
Jun 27, 2003 
Awww, This Is So Kawaii! The Expressions On Our Faces Are Priceless, Absolutely Priceless! Fishing Is Fun...Especially If I'm Fishing With The Tobias! You Look So Happy, Tobias! Awww...*Smiles* Nice Job On The Colouring And Shading. Keep Up All Your Fantastic Work!  
- Serena The Kitty  
~Local Singer  
~Knower Of Japanese  
*smiles* you know, it is always nice to see your friendly face around here ^.^
jo_b_munkey / jojo
Jun 28, 2003 
i think your art work is very good just leting you know!!  
thanks for cheering ^.^ I don't have your web address, otherwise I would have visited you too .. especially since your name looks somewhat similar to a nick for a website.
Aug 20, 2003 
wow u have a web site...this is cool how old are u again 14 i think? that is amazing! and ur images have such good shading u are the bomb toby ^_^
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