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Cornered !
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Cornered !
(by Tobias, Aug 28, 2003)

Yay, a new character .. well actually no, I drew him about one year ago, but I didn't draw him recently .. but let me back up now, okay? .. Soo .. here we go .. meet Timmy, actually Timothy, medium rare. Oww .. okay, bad joke, I know. Don't ask me how he got into this situation, he doesn't even know himself .. sneaking around, exploring, encountering some evil looking fellow with a torch, running, getting cornered .. or something like that .. it all went way too fast.

Jen is holding the torch here, very out of character I think, but since she already drew a picture I did not except coming from her at all, I thought I could do just the same. That huge guy in the background is Dr. Robotnik .. or Ivo, without googles (finally managed to give them to his many fangirls ^.^) .. I don't know, I'm near-sighted so I can't really tell you, and little Timmy doesn't even know that someone's standing behind him. Surprise, surprise, I know.

Ivo and Jen are © Jenifer Irwin.
Dr. Robotnik is © Sega / Sonic Team
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